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Media Portrayal Essay

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Alot of people do not have the exact same opinion about everything, and not everyone thinks the same exact way because thats what makes us individuals; right? Thats what I think, but I seem to see everybody's starting to lose their originality in this world due to the media. I see it in the hallway, the classrooms, I see it outside of school. People are scared, their terrified, afraid of acceptance. People want to be accepted so bad that they even go to extra lengths just to fit in, just to be apart of something. They even begin changing their own opinions even if it is not exactly what they feel,thats the way they think they need to do, and how they should act, they even start to dress different and soon they just lose themselves.
This is exactly what the media does to celebrities. Most celebrities that we have become to know have all changed in a lot of way from before they started their career and when they actually became famous. There are many artists, actors, musicians that were once people you would not even believe. A story that really inspires me is the musical journey of Stefani Germanotta. A small recording artist, not very well know, that is why I choose to discuss her because she has been through this with the media. She went to a small all girls catholic school in New York City. Paris Hilton was in her school. Look where she got, where did she go. She was made fun of everyday for her appearance. She was musically inclined to no extent, she had the talent. She knew how to play the piano by herself by the age of four years old (4).By 13 she wrote her first ballad; by 19 she was writing songs for the Pussycat Dolls and Britney Spears. Obviously she had the talent so when she went to go get a record deal, she went to many companies, they shut her down because she did not have “the look” and did not accept what she looked like (4). Sure she had the voice but they didn't accept her. Stefani Germanotta has many songs, she has the feel good songs, romantic songs about a lover possibly a companion, her music spoke to a lot of people and still does. Finally after she got put down so many times; so many times she got sick of it and was like this is how I was born. “Yeah, I may be different, but I am tired of it”(4). So she cut all the strings that were attached and became Lady Gaga, a pop icon we all know to this day. Lady Gaga obviously came a long way from where she was, she had the determination and strive, she did not let anyone push her from getting to her dreams. The media still portrays Lady Gaga as they looked at Stefani Germanotta. The media only finds Lady Gaga attractive is because her “weird” style is making profit (4).
Amy Winehouse has had quite the journey as well in her career and a lot of her decisions and where she ended up was the cause of the media. Amy Winehouse at the start of her career was always known as very energetic, happy, successful and very healthy (1). Her career started to go downhill when the media would...

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