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Media Production Write-Up

The title of our piece we produced is “flash back” My group consisted
of umar hanif, haseeb yasin, sohail javed, raheel bashir, micahel
edwards and my self. We all agreed to create the opening ten minutes
of a film. When working in a group with more than two people there
will always be some disagreement due to contrasting ideas. This will
inevitability causes difficulty with particular aspects with the
film’s production. Finally after much debate our story is based on
gang war. Our story line is just same as “tu pac” death where he is
been shot and killed by the ones who felt in jealousy with him,
whereby we shown LLT known as micahel edwards life story where he is
an popular rap star. Later after a few fights and chases the rap star
is stabbed down by one of the gang people. Our opening two minutes
will relate to this by showing his death which however we will make it
as a flash back scene later we will reveal his life story that how he
came into involving with the gang. In this opening shot we see
relatively clearly the LLT face, which is not common in the thriller

We intended to show our project for the audience aged 15 or above
because our classifications of the images were not seemed to show it
to 12 or below age group audience, the trailer should be shown at in
the cinema with the rating movie because this will intend to make
audience who watch thriller and action type movies will make a
difference on there minds that they will next time watch this movie of
seeing the trailer for 2 minutes.

We viewed a number of thriller movies including “Spider man” “We were
soldiers” ‘The Negotiator’ Felix Gary Grey, ‘187’ Kevin Reynolds,
‘Enemy of the State’ Tony Scott and various others and also we brought
our own documentary on “tu pac” which helps us a lot in making the
trailer. From about 80% of these films the openings focused on the
lead roles and attempted to establish the character of these roles.
This usually included his/her profession if any, his/her social
status, friends or relatives and sometimes financial position, which I
feel plays an important part in finding a target audience as the
viewers can often relate to characters when they find similarities
between the characters and themselves.

I started almost immediately to think of story lines and sketched some
storyboards with no real thought as to what we were capable of doing.
These early sketches were later scrapped as they had impossible
sceneries to replicate. We realised once we had a basic idea we could
then write to, or visit the locations and request to film on their
premises. If we received permission we could then work with genuine
sets that actually existed and be far more certain in our ideas, as we
knew we could re-enact.

As it turned out our major...

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