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People today believe in racial stereotypes from the influence of various media, which ridicules someone of another race or gender by a one-dimensional point of view, including you. It is just upon that people will take action or overreact to the little things just because of what their minds think from what stereotype media promoted. Some people may ponder on themselves into running away from a stranger just because of their gender and by their race, making a decision whether they are unsafe to go close to. Some media have promoted stereotypes of others for entertainment and influencing people to believing in the misjudgment of certain races.

We can easily find lots of example of stereotypes from media and end up pondering if it is true or not. When you take for instance movies with Chinese actors you may expect kung Fu or martial arts being formed like Jackie Chan and Bruce Lee. In effect from these media they promote that all Chinese people would know kung Fu, however it is not true because not all Asians will know how to do martial arts. When I was in school there used to be lots of kids asking me, “do you know kung Fu” and they get that idea to ask from the movies. People would make fun of me, saying that I eat dogs or cats when hearing it from the media, however it is not true for every Asian. I watched a show called “Average Asian” that presents a lot of stereotypes about Asians, when watching it I have to say it was funny and comical instead of being offensive. On the other hand I would be upset and even angry if a stranger would come up to me; ridiculing my own ethnic group with mean remarks of my race. Friends of mines would say that I am so smart since I am Asian and I will not take that as an offense, it is more of a compliment to be honest. Yet my friends do not get that I had only work and study hard to get good grades, not by my race, they have the capability to do the same. They believe that it is because of their own ethnic group that they can not do as well as others or be better.

The media can create a bad influence on others by making false statement of a certain race that people will use to look down on them. Back then in sophomore year in African American history class me and my class watched a video of how blacks were being suspected doing a criminal activity than white men. I watch how there were white boys who were vandalizing a car that is not theirs, however everyone who passed by did not call the police or was even suspicious that they were doing something bad. Then there would be a part of what the police were doing while the kids vandalize the car, and the police was watching 3 black men in the car thinking that they are waiting to rob a place, however the men were just sleeping in the car. Why did police suspect them in the first place was because they believed in the media when they show how blacks do more criminal activities than any other race. In the class we saw another video of two...

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