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Objective journalism is based on facts, or so says the Webster's dictionary. It states that objectivity is presented without being distorted by interpretations, prejudices, or personal feelings. The United States financial systems have been rocked to its' core. Wall Street has been hit with a series of corporate failures, major mortgage lenders filing bankruptcy, companies who have been around for over 100 year, permanently closing their doors. While journalists strive to be objective, some provide us with information that directly affects a specific category of people. While many believe the financial downfall of these corporations rests on the shoulders of the CEO and senior management, Ann Coulter shares that it is really the minorities and the poor that are to blame. This paper will address the diversity represented across the American landscape, to what extent the media relied on stereotypes when depicting certain groups and personal opinion fostered a better understanding of diversity and multiculturalism.Ann Coulter's September 24 column explains how the democrats are to blame for the current mortgage crisis. She says in her headline, "They gave your mortgage to a less qualified minority." (Coulter, 2008) The headlines alone are going to stir up problems, wanting white people to feel that the people of color have again claim the white man's inheritance. Her column continues explaining in 1999, liberals were "bragging" about "extending affirmative action to the financial sector." (Coulter, 2008) Ms. Coulter says her proof came from the Los Angeles Times, where Ron Brownstein mentioned that "black and Latino homeownership surged to the highest level ever recorded during the Clinton presidency.The Community Reinvestment Act seems to be at fault for the current fiscal crisis. Ms. Coulter's belief is "under this act, the banks were forced to make loans to the undeserving on such a scale that now, a decade later, the "food-stamped-backed mortgages collapsed." (Coulter, 2008) It is the democratic "affirmative action time-bomb" and has absolutely nothing to do with the Republican free market policies during the bush years. Ms. Coulter's contention is that political correctness has given veto over sound business practices.The Act was enacted in 1977 and was an attempt to correct the lack of financial extension of credit to blacks and Latinos. Banks and savings and loans would accept the deposits, but would not grant loans to these individuals. Basically, if you had the wrong zip code, you were not eligible for loans. The hope of this act was the prevention of expanding ghettos and many of these communities did not have the proper investments to make these home loans. History shows that Bill Clinton did push for lenders to increase access to mortgages in the inner cities and rural communities across the nation. Not alone however, President Bush has bragged that he has also helped the home ownership increase as a result of untying the hands of the...

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Media Reaction Paper

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