Media Relations: Macro Structural Level Essay

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Macro Structural level is the analysis that focuses on the structure of society and provides a way of seeing society as a unified whole. Micro structural level involves effects on individual media consumers themselves. The media influenced the macro structural level after the Sandy Hook Shooting because it stirred up gun control debate. The US as a whole has been overwhelmed with several shootings in schools, movie theaters, and courthouses. The rise in shootings has taken its toll on society and is only getting worse. After each mass shootings we have gun control is the first thought that comes up, it really touched home after the sandy hook shooting because it was the 2nd worse in the US and 20 innocent children were gunned down. The problem with the media influence is that society can be easily persuaded to one side if that media out let is covering the same idea over and over, people believe what they hear and see whether it’s true or not. These politicians and media outlets think the best thing for society is to outlaw assault rifles and have stricter gun control laws. These new laws and banning of certain guns will not stop the criminals or these that are committing these crimes because they are not getting the guns from stores but rather stealing them or getting them on the street. Only the upstanding citizens will be affected by it and talking guns out of their hands leaves them vulnerable to the criminals because they will not have any way to protect themselves.
The Sandy Hook shootings the media affect us micro structurally, as individuals we are all affected differently and have our own thoughts and views. Some individuals were so influenced by the sandy hook shooting that they wanted to give up the guns that they owned, they felt it was safer for everyone that these guns be destroyed. Police departments around the US have buyback programs that take in guns no questions asked and gave you money for them. The guns that are collected are then melted down and destroyed (Ariosto, 2012).
Is there any empirical evidence to support that media influence truly exists? If you say yes, discuss at least two breakthrough studies that support your argument. If you say no, defend your argument and refute the available studies.
Does media influence exists in our society? Some say that it does but is there empirical evidence that proves it exists. An example of media influence is the CSI effect, the CSI effect is the exaggerated portrayal of forensic science on crime television shows like CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. These shows influence public perception about how crime scene investigations are run and what forensic scientists do. The unrealistic version of Forensic science has caused people to raise their expectations of the forensic science evidence that is present in real criminal trials. The Media has argued that people in general have a difficult time distinguishing between aspects of the mass media, often confusing entertainment,...

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