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Homosexuality is the current controversial issue that has hit the media. One cannot avoid the topic of homosexuality in the news, movies, books, social media, newspapers, and even in politics. Homosexuality has become a controversial issue around the globe today. After Uganda outlawed homosexuality in its country, the topic has been trending everywhere in the mainstream media, and the social media. Some nations like the US have legalized homosexuality and this is why there has been uproar after the president of Uganda signed a bill in parliament outlawing homosexuality. The media has always been blamed of being bias while reporting on gay marriages and homosexuality. The homosexuality group is a minority group that is always viewed very different by the society. Many forms of media are used to address these topic namely; the social media, television, newspapers, and magazines.
The social media has been known to be on the leading end on tackling controversial issues. The online community has given the homosexuality topic more attention than the mainstream press and also much opinionated intensity. Many youth online are in support of homosexuality and gay marriage with the reason that, the only thing that matters in marriage is love. There have been a number of debates on the social media with many people around the globe giving out their views. In fact, through the social media, the issue of gay rights and marriages had been able to reach most people around the globe as they give their opinions about it. According to gay activists on the social media, denying homosexuals the chance to get married is a form of minority discrimination. The phenomenon of support of gay marriage is largely driven by the media because the youth who are in support of it are susceptible to media biasness.
On Twitter, the gay rights controversial topic was the main subject topic. Twitter has extensively covered the topic with no biasness but letting the bloggers give their views on this controversial issue. Twitter postings were evenly split between the opposition and support because they align closely to the public opinion on the topic.
Homosexuality and gay marriages are very common due to increasing coverage on televisions. Through the television, the gay rights and marriages topic is discussed in the open with everyone allowed to air out their views on the topic. At times, the television has been supportive to gay marriages by covering this topic most if the time. The stories aired in the television media are always in support of gay marriage as they provide stories and statements supporting same sex marriage compared to those statements that are in opposition of same sex marriage. The representation of the gay marriage topic is biased because; the stories supporting same sex marriage always outweigh those that are against it. When the gays are always covered on televisions, the homosexual lifestyle is increasingly becoming very common and acceptable in the...

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