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Media Analysis Paper Married with ChildrenMarried with Children was created by Ron Leavitt & Michael G.Moye. On November 27, 1988, Married with Children became the first Fox show to deliver a 10% of all American households were watching the premiere of the episode "Poke High". With the 6th season premiere on September 8, 1991, it hit the number one spot again with 29% of all US TV sets tuned in. Married with Children had 259 episodes in 11 seasons that premiered from April 5, 1987 to June 9, 1997 on Fox. On April 17, 1997 it was cancelled because the network didn't want to pay 1.5 million per episode for season 12. Reruns are still on the air on weekdays and the show was sold to over 60 countries. Reruns can be viewed weeknights at 9:00pm and for the competition, well there isn't really any because it's the best show of the century. Married with Children uses a chaotic white trash family to attract low, middle, and high-class men over the age of 16.The commercials that I observed seemed kind of targeted towards all different genders. The commercials ranged from Six Flags Great America to the law firm Habush Habush Davidson & Rotier. I noticed that the commercials were targeted toward middle class men and woman as well as young adults 14-38. The Taco Bell, six flags, Friends, and Quaker sate commercials were for teens. The Colders, Drew carry, Lawyer, and Drew Carry show was a little of adult and teen mixture.As for the subject matter of the show it was mostly for men but also a little for woman. For example the show always has Al Bundy talking about drinking, sports, not having sex with his wife, the Dodge, nudie bar, and of course all the fat woman jokes. The reason I said the woman only...

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Media Assignment

1873 words - 8 pages The media object selected for analysis is the Daguerreotype. Louis-Jacques-Mande Daguerre (1787-1851), a Romantic painter and printmaker, had introduced the Daguerreotype on 7th January 1839 and would forever change the perspectives of the visual experience through photography (Daniel, 2004). Ever since the advent of the Daguerreotype, people were able to view a detailed imprinting of a certain visual frame on a treated sheet of copper (which

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"Blogging and Its Impact on News Media" Term Paper

2452 words - 10 pages blogging that draws a lot of attention in the intellectual community. Due to the growing popularity as a communication media its impact on public opinion and mass media are many fold. What is blogging? Why it is gaining popularity? What are the impacts on Education, Business, Politics and News media etc.? What are the pros and cons and what lies in future? This term paper is an effort in this direction to gain some insight of this

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1912 words - 8 pages that makes us want to watch it? Maybe the artists just make what interests them. Or perhaps the messages are simply used for entertainment and are based on what sells or what is popular. This is true to an extent but this is merely a scratch in the surface of these burning questions. There are many theories that seek to explain the purpose of the mass media, but this paper will discuss Marxist media theory. This paper will get past the

Marxist Media Theory.

4310 words - 17 pages Marxist Media TheoryDaniel Chandler"XIntroduction"XBase and superstructure"XMedia as means of production"XIdeology"XMedia as amplifiers"XThe constitution of the subject"XDifferences within Marxism"XThe Frankfurt School"XAlthusser"XGramsci and hegemony"XStuart Hall"XLimitations of Marxist analysis"XStrengths of Marxist analysis"XReferencesIntroductionIn Britain and Europe, neo-Marxist approaches were common amongst media theorists from the late

Media Bias and Concentration

3935 words - 16 pages Dennis once stated that objectivity is what sets apart American mass media from the rest of the world and is one of the most important precepts of American journalism (103). In present times, however, media that provides completely impartial analysis of the facts is either hard to find, or deemed incredible. The fact of the matter is that in a large portion of mass media outlets what is best described as objective news coverage is not available

Tabloidisation of the media.

3261 words - 13 pages . < (1 July 2003)."Example Analysis Paper 3 Tabloidisation of the Media." San Diego State UniversityLibrary. Date of revision unknown. . (1 June 2003).Engel, Matthew. Tickle the Public: One Hundred Years of the popular press. London; Indigo, 1997.Kohut, Andrew. "The risks and rewards of Celebrity Tragedy coverage." Columbia Journalism Review. July 2000. v39 i2 p 64.Kooistra, Paul, G. and John S. Mahoney Jr. "The Historical roots of Tabloid TV

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4607 words - 18 pages ethics. Paper presented at the Annual Meeting of the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication. [ED 259 348]Black, J. et al. (1992). Effects of a media ethics course on student values: A replication and expansion. Paper presented at the Annual Meeting of the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication. [ED 350 635]Bugeja, M. J. (1997). The value of instruction for a commitment to truth. Journalism and Mass

Media And Crime

3309 words - 13 pages When it comes to reporting crime the media is confronted daily with decisions on how to present their stories, what to write and what not to write, of choosing to report the bad news, misquoting those they interview, and sensationalizing. People come to believe what they read and, in a sense, is irrelevant whether what they believe is true or not, for their ideas affect how they live their lives. They develop an exaggerated and distorted fear of

Media Ethics Definition

1577 words - 6 pages Webster's New World Pocket Dictionary defines ethics as "moral standards" and as a "system of morals." Webster's then defines moral as, "of or dealing with right or wrong." Similarly, media ethics are moral standards that are applied to the media. An example of this is the Society of Professional Journalists' Code of Ethics(1), a standardized list of items that members of the SPJ use as a guide in their strides to be effective journalists. In a

Women In Media

3483 words - 14 pages of the message that are being sent to them by the powers in the media, so they may learn to recognize and block them when they encounter them everyday. I choose to investigate this topic because I, as a woman, have bombarded with negative imagery all my life and feel it places a horrible standard to place on women. The following are some unique terms presented throughout the paper that may need some explanation. Misogyny- the hatred of women. Rape

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603 words - 2 pages quoted from Alan McKee;" When we perform textual analysis on a text, we make an educated guess at some of the mostly likely interpretations that might be made of that text." (McKee, 2001,pp.140). Textual analysis serves as a critical approach to ignite comprehension of media texts and to uncover possible interpretation of reality, thereby allowing the construction of various perspectives in how we view the world. This media textual analysis is

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814 words - 3 pages training for financial literacy and job skills. The Federal Stimulus dollars were distributed to all states ranging from $3 million for low population states (e.g Wyoming, South Dakota) to $186 million for California.Media Reaction Paper 3Several forms of media (e.g. Internet, Newspaper, TV and Radio) confirm that companies, and people in general, are more successful in managing diversity with respect to gender, race and ethnicity. However, racial

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1336 words - 6 pages A critical SWOT analysis of Netflix’s social media techniques clearly shows they are ahead of the game and not backing down from rising competitors like YouTube which is gaining viewers by increasing the amount of online content. Insert mandate & overview Netflix.Com/social-media-disclosure.cfm For B2B Investor relations, Netflix uses Youtube and has a link on their social media disclosure site. For their B2C Netflix has a general community

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792 words - 3 pages " that boosts performance by "tapping" into the creative power of diverse groups.THE MEDIA AND STEROTYPESSeveral forms of media (i.e. - Internet, Newspaper, TV and Radio) confirm the fact companies and people in general, are more successful in managing diversity with respect to gender issues than racial and ethnic issues.In fact, racial and ethnic diversity may, have a negative impact on business performance unless specific forms of analysis