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Media’s Influence Has A Negative Effect On Children’s Behavior

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The media is an important part of our lives and can be a great teacher and an excellent source of information. It also has the potential to generate both negative and positive effects. We will explore the negative effects it has on our children through television, video game, internet and music.
Television has changed dramatically over the years it has went from a small black and white 12 inch to a projection size, with high definition color, and a digital video recorder on the side. The way we receive television has changed also, from an antenna on top of the house to a satellite somewhere high in the sky that gives you hundreds of channels, and just like technology has evolved, so has what children see on television. There was a time when shows like “The Cosby Show” or” The Mickey Mouse Club” were the number one show on television, but in today’s world it’s “The Walking Dead” “Dexter” and “America Horror Show” all shows full of violence, killing and torture. Not only has television shows changed, but so have cartoons, the more popular ones such as Sponge bob and Transformers which children love, are just as violent as some prime time or cable shows. For instance” Sponge bob” a sponge that lives under the sea, uses inappropriate language, and has been punched in the head with everything from a hammer to a skillet, he has been baked in the oven, burned to a crisp and shot to the moon, but he still lives. What information is this sending to our children about violence? According to research carried out by the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) and the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry (AACAP). “Children who view shows in which violence is very realistic, frequently repeated or unpunished are more likely to imitate what they see.”(2012, Aug 27). Additionally television exposes our children to risky behaviors such as drinking, smoking, or doing illegal drug, for example the commercials where the patrons will do anything for a “bud light”(Beer) or movies where the cool guy always has a cigarette and gets the pretty girl. These are negative images that some children may find cool. Although television can have a negative influence on our children’s behavior it can also be entertaining and educational if parents take the time to sit down and enjoy a program with their children and monitor what they are watching and what they are playing for instance video games.
Video games can be education and entertaining, many adults and children have stood in line for hours waiting on a new release, however, many of the video’s that are purchased portray violent and aggressive behaviors in which charterers are often shot, stab, killed or disfigured in some horrible way. Children who play video games for long periods of time can become addicted to the games and their school work, personal life, and health can be affected. They may behave aggressively and become inattentive at school, miss out on outdoor activities such as...

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