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Media Should Work On Showing An Objective Truth

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It is clear that the surplus of information in our day-to-day lives has affected our social state in a way that we are slaves for the media. We have changed from keen viewers to blind imitators. The amount of images and visual information that is being sent to us every day is really vast. Many people have been influenced by the information that is given by the media. Their minds and souls have been falsely biased. Their actions, decisions, movements, and judgments are tied to what they see in the media. Media has tried to replace the public opinion by certain policies that are made by global agendas. Nowadays, people respond to this advertisement. They are demanding more of these thoughts ...view middle of the document...

Some of the current programs address religion defying what has been written in holy books. This is governed by a false freedom and democracy. Whenever the Western Media shows images of Arabs burning the American or Israel flag, they never mention why. They just show a bunch of angry people running in the streets furious and angry. They want the west to thing that we are all barbaric people that just fancy violence. Another example of this interference might be observed when the mainstream broadcast media tries to gain political bias through false news. (Richardson, 2004, p. 22) Owners of big media companies around the world would broadcast news that makes them richer. If it is an ad for a lethal weapon present in a peaceful Muslim country, or a toxic biological weapon in a Sahara, they will broadcast that. Let us take the example of Iraq. Iraq was a passive country; thriving and flourishing Iraq was a wealthy country. The Iraqis certainly had notes on the performance of Saddam Hussein. At a certain point the United States felt that Iraq started to form a risk or a hazard on the Gulf countries .Thus, America decided that Iraq has a nuclear weapon. The argument presented by the Americans was never concerning the Iraqis. They did not care if the system in Iraq was good or bad. America had certain benefits to be gained in Iraq and that was the true plan. Through defined media paths, the United States tried to convince the world that the Iraqi regime owned nuclear weapons. Later on, the country was invaded. The whole invasion turned out to be on a lie. According to many sources that promoted the war on Iraq, they again said that Saddam Hussein was also involved in several US Iraqi relations. Around two year after the Iraqi invasion two former CIA officers say that the president squelched top-secret intelligence, and a briefing by George Tenet, months before invading Iraq. “Bush knew Saddam had no weapons of mass destruction”. This saying comes after (Ghannam, 2007, p76)
Next we could talk about the incident of 9/11 in which the American society and the whole world was affected. This horrific attack was able to make people accept almost everything that might be presented by the Media. The term terrorists did not exclusively specify the people that blew up the plane; it turned into a term that identified Muslims. We could see that after the attacks of 9/11, Muslims were no longer welcomed in the United States. Several European countries put strict obligations on Muslims tourists, and this was the start of the war against this religion. With the help of major broadcasting stations around the World , the American government was able impulse a war against Muslims . The main reason for this war was a small terrorist group called Al- Qaida ! .Thus Muslims around the world were treated as terrorists. They are no longer citizens of their own countries. Here, it would be useful to present some of the ideas presented on Islam in the Western Society...

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