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Media Supported Ideals Of Beauty's Negative Impacts

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Ideals of beauty promoted by the media have created a brand new definition for the word “beauty”. Beauty is associated with extreme thinness and Caucasian traits nowadays. People are bombarded with thousands of beauty and cosmetic advertisements shown on tabloid newspapers, magazines and pop-up advertisements every day and everywhere. The negative impacts brought by these advertisements outweigh their benefits. This essay will consider how people's confidence, controlling ability when achieving ideal images and the norms of beauty in society are adversely affected by the media-supported beauty ideals.

Firstly, exposure to media images may alter the way how people evaluate ...view middle of the document...

(Zuckerman, 2005) People may undergone controversial procedures like liposuction and breast implant without evaluating the reliability of the information. In other words, they are jeopardizing their health in exchange for ideal figures. This phenomena is particularly prevalent in the modelling industry. Under the encouragement of the modelling agencies, some models would take cocaine to speed up their body metabolism. (Sowray, 2012) Some dieters may even swallow parasitic worms (“Hong Kong dieters warned” , 2010) and take an overdose of diet pills as means of losing weight. It probably indicates advertising has hinderd a person's judging ability; thus, people prone to use unhealthy practices to attain perfect images.

There are a number of advertising campaigns aimed at correcting the ideals of beauty rooted in people’s mind. Yet, their force may not be sufficient to fight against those standardized promotion campaigns launched by the U.S. and European multinational corporations. For instance, Dove, a company selling hair and skin care products, have made an effort in rasing public awareness about natural beauty by publicizing video clips on the official website. It shows that Dove is one of the social-responsible company having a good intention in educating the public. By contrast, a campaign rolled out by Abercrombie & Fitch, an American clothing retailer, worldwide last year was again focusing on the mascular-ideal body. It had successfully caught customers' attention by creating a unique shopping experience for them. This kind of promotion activities is probably reinforcing stereotypes in societies – where women are supposed to be skinny and men should have brawny bodies. People internalize these features as the basic criteria for being attractive. These have gradually become the media-induced norms in both Western and Eastern societies and people no longer judge a person according to its personalities and connotation.

In conclusion, the disadvantages brought by the ideals of beauty promoted by the media and advertising industry are affecting both individual and the society as a whole. It first affects people's...

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