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Media Use In The Home Environment

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The topic statement was heavily wrong in many aspects in terms of ignoring the difference and speciality of media use and media consumption in home environment. Home environment is a place for private life and intimated communication that is wholly contradicted with the unconcealed and diverse information flow in the public area. Compared with the complex interrelationship between individuals in public, family provides a rather explicitly relations around children, husband and wife. However, there are certain factors, like gender difference, hidden behind which is necessary to testify and excavate through ethnography includes feminist studies. In the essay, I will apply for certain previous studies to prove and demonstrate the distinctions of use and consumption of media in home environment versus outside home area.

To begin with, the first part of the essay will focus on borrowing three famous feminist studies to critically argued and discussed about the distinctive characteristics of media use and consumption among husband and wife, also children in home environment which are Janice Radway’s Reading the Roman (1984), David Morley’s Family Television (1986) and Ann Gray’ video playtime (1992). As audiences have always been placed as the central subjects investigated in analysis the media uses and consumption, the gender difference of the audiences in home environment which I refer to husband and wife will be radically but rationally discussed; the reason for that is home is a place has been called by Sean Cubitt (1985) that ‘the politics of the living room’ (Morley, 1992: 140).The power inequality possessed by husband and wife will be further discoursed in later paragraphs.

First of all, Radway research differs from other two feminist studies that he works on how women reading romance novels connected to female position in home environment. Before we examine detailed into the Radway’s study, the principle of those dominant feminist studies has indicated that home is a place for female to work but relax and leisure for male (Seiter, 1999: 21). Besides, since the women mainly refer to housewife are irresistible but primary responsible for finishing the housework and taking care children, the role of media uses and consumption has been placed at subordinate position and far away from women. Precisely, in Radway’s perspective, reading has been treated as a tactic for women to protect their leisure time (Seiter, 1999:21). He further argued about
‘Women use these deeply conservative books, in which heterosexual romance provides the ultimate meaning to women’s lives, to liberate themselves from the conditions of patriarchal marriages’ (Seiter, 1999:21)
In the result of that, women considered media as weapon or a piece of armor to protect themselves from unpleasant and burdensome housework, even the powerful husbands. Despite of the implication from women reading romance books, Radway also pointed out the reading is an...

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