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Media Violence And The Decline Of America

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“Corporate greed is the beating heart of America!” (Law & Order) There is an insatiable hunger that strikes every commercial business. It is an unquenchable desire for more money. Who wants more money? Most corporations do not have to think more than once about this question. They already know the answer. Their only mission is to increase the amount of money they make in one way or another, and to discover effective ways to acquire even more of this coveted resource. Businesses exist for money and use money to exist. Quite simply, they are controlled by how much money they have or how much debt they have. They are controlled entirely by greed and the love of money. The truth is that most corporations would do anything in order to have a few more dollars in their pockets. Specifically, in the television and movie industry this includes lowering the standards that are used to categorize the viewing audience of television in the United States today. Coincidently, because it sells, the amount of violence allowable “on the air” today, has desensitized our society as well as lowered morals and values; and it is harming our children and our society in ways we never thought it could.
Increased violence began in media publications with the demise of “The Production Code” in 1968; this code determined what was or was not acceptable for publication in the media. The inability to enforce the rules of the code was due to the blatant disregard for the rules by producers who aired their films despite rejection and accusations that their films were unacceptable. Battles regarding many of the rejected films were won in court and eventually the “code” became unenforceable and no longer used. Since 1968 there has been an exorbitant amount of increased violence in every aspect of multimedia available to the public including movies, television, video games and more. All for the love of money producers create pieces of work that promote violence rather than the opposite. Understandably, supporters of the increase in brutality on the air suggest that it has been a forced choice. The American market cannot compete with the global market unless it conforms to what is selling. In order to stay in business they must go with the flow. However, with viewable violence on the rise in the media so has the rise of real violent behavior increased in the world today, including but not limited to the following: school shootings, rape, murder, arson, and robberies. In a sense, by selling and buying violence, we have lowered on standards and devalued safety. By selling aggression as a way to resolve problems we have devalued communication and healthy relationships.
During a study titled “National Television Violence Study” (largest content analysis to date) which was published by Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation it states that from 1994 to 1997 two out of three television programs contained violence (averaging six violent acts each hour) and that fewer than five...

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