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Medial Sociology Essay

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Part A
Year 2006, when I was in primary five, my great grandmother passed away. She had diabetic for about 20years and amputation on both leg up until thigh.
Year 2008, when I was in secondary one, my grandmother passed away. She had diabetic for about 10years and amputated his right leg and left leg’s toes. I was very close with my grandmother, at that time; I cried and missed her a lot.
Year 2011, when I was sixteen years old, I worked as waitress with my two best friends. It was our first time working a part time job together after our N level GCN. The experienced was memorable and unforgettable.
Year 2013, I am finally at legal age. I met a lot of awesome friends from my course and forged close friendships with my classmates. I even took part in many volunteer events and had my very first 3.5km run event.

Part B
The two important values in my life are equality and integrity. Integrity; it means the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles; moral uprightness. Equality is the state of being equal: rights, treatment, quantity, or value equal to all others in a specific group.Integrity to me is another form of trust. Having integrity had made me made a lot of friends since young. I’ve gained trust from my friends and with trust, friendships were forged. Without integrity, people will lose trust and faith in you. So, no matter what we do, will have to be honest to gain trust and reliable from others. No one would like to make friends with someone dishonest. I learnt this value since when I was in primary school and even during secondary school, they still teach that value. This also showed how important it was to be integrity as showed in the reinforcement in education.
Equality to me is fairness, no stereotyping and judging and is through treating each and everyone equally. Showing equality had made me to be always treat the people around me equally, without bias. This had helped me to get well along with people around me as people see me being fair and not bias. With equality, everyone is the same, there is no distinction, and everyone got the same opportunity to achieve something; regardless of their race, sex, gender, age, occupation etc. I learnt it from my parent. In my family, there are three siblings. so, my parents was always trying to be fair to prevent argument and favoritism. Such that none of us will feel neglected and left out. Despite the generation gap from my younger sister and I was huge, my parents will always try to be neutral by not being one sided; siding the younger just because they are still young.

Part C
From my life diagram, my great-grand mother and grandmother passed away from diabetic. This also showed the increased chances of my family member and I to contract with diabetic as it was genetic. Knowing that my chance of getting diabetic will be higher than all average people, this definitely sparkled me to do...

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