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Social processes can be shape in the form of processes that are combining (associative processes) and processes that are divorcing (dissociative processes). Its aimed at the realization of associative values such as social justice, love, harmony, solidarity. In contrary the dissosiatif social processes that are leading to the creation of negative values or asocial, such as hatred, hostility, selfishness, arrogance, conflict, division and so on. Furthermore the associative social processes can be said positive process, and dissosiatif social process called negative process. In connection with this, the associative social processes that can be used as an attempt resolve the conflict.

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As democracy minds been spread out since autonomy in Indonesia, conflict through democracy itself has been conceptual basis of ADR contain ideas include establishing joint participation between the offender, victim and community groups in solving a crime that is deemed fair to all parties (win-win), so this method is considered applicable to indigenous conflict resolution in Lampung province especially, and Indonesian.
Policy not to hastily bring the case into the path of investigation, and prefer the settlement through mediation or ADR models in which the two warring sides together to get justice, also in line with the model of policing activities "community policing" which was developed with the police in the context of at least two elements, which are the partnership and problem solving. Police as part of the state government acquire several functions; they are including maintaining security and public order, law enforcement, protection, shelter and service to the community. One of police reform action is community policing. Under community policing, police must form a partnership with people in the community, allowing average citizens the opportunity to have input into the police process in exchange for their support and participation. Community policing rests on the belief that contemporary community problem require a new decentralized and personalized police approach that draws citizen into the process of policing themselves. With the continuous interaction further, the police can get together with the community to find a way out or solve social problems, especially the security problems that occur in people’s lives. With the on going interaction, the police will be constantly trying to reduce fear of crime to be a nuisance.

Its encourages the launch of a new program in the administration of the Police task that is Community Policing, which is no longer just a program and/or strategy but rather a philosophy that the conventional paradigm shift into a new model of policing in civil society. This model essentially puts community not merely as objects but partners and problem solving (law abiding) is more of interest than just the formal or procedural handling. In public life the values embodied in the concept of Community Policing in fact not new but commonly. Policy of Siskamswakarsa taken from society socio-cultural values of Indonesia, which is more than uphold individuals’ social values. Implementation of environmental safeguards or spontaneous have already and still effectively running, of course it is conducted by the public security privately efforts remain under the protection and guidance of the Police. In parts of rural or urban areas of certain cultural values can still be affected in the resolution of social problems at the local level. Values of mutual forgiveness upheld in Indonesian society that generaly religious.

The concept of community policing was launched, especially in developed countries, for the organization of...

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