Mediator Free Electrocatalytic Oxidation Of Phenolic Compounds And The Simultaneous Sensing Of Catechol, P Cresol And P Nitrophenol At Single Wall...

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Phenolic compounds are extensively used in industrial byproducts and that can accumulate in the environment and the ecological food chain by consumption or uptake of this compounds.1 Due to their presence in water, air and food matrices cause toxic risks to environment and the human health.2,3 Most of the phenolic compounds exhibit different toxicities and their detection and determination are very important for evaluating the total toxicity of an environmental samples.2,4 In particular, catechol, p-cresol and p-nitrophenol compounds are included in the lists of priority pollutants to be monitored by international bodies, such as the US Environmental Protection Agency and the European Union.5,6 These phenolic compounds are also great importance in food and medical industries and they are closely associated with the sensory and nutritional quality of fresh and processed plant foods.7 The inhibitory effect of phenolic compounds on mutagenesis and carcinogenesis is probably most important biological activity.8,9 Therefore, the development of a simple, reliable and sensitive analytical method is necessary for the simultaneous detection and determination of catechol, p-cresol and p-nitrophenol for both environmental protection and biological detection.

Several other methods, such as high performance liquid chromatography,10 fow-injection analysis,11 synchronous fluorescence,12 chemiluminescence,13 gas chromatography-mass spectrometry,14 have been reported for the separate detection and determination of phenolic compounds such as catechol, p-cresol and p-nitrophenol. In particular, they are generally required for chromatographic separation before the detection of phenolic compounds15 and it takes time, and often requires expensive equipment not generally portable even though these methods are sensitive and selective.16 In dissimilarity to these methods, the electrochemical...

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