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Medicaid Essay

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As I understood Medicaid are those personal cares services which are fundamental, non-acute services provided to facilitate recipients who require assistance with the activities of daily living to remain in their home or community, maintain their current health status and prevent, delay, or minimize deterioration of their condition. Personal care services are intended to supplement care provided by a recipient's family or primary caregiver, not replace it. Services may be provided in the home or in setting outside the home, when necessary.The government took an active role in the economy during the 1960's and 1970's. In order to stimulate the economy, they ran annual budgets in a conscious attempt to spend more than they collected in revenue. Spending, inflation, and budget deficits were viewed as calculated efforts in expanding the economy. As a result this application Medicaid was created in 1965.Medicaid is a social program which provides health and medical assistance to families with low incomes and resources. Medicaid is funded by both the Federal Government and individual states. Each state is responsible for developing its own guidelines which must include: legibility, amount of services to be available, rate of payments for services, and administering its own programs.These conditions vary from state to state and are subject to change on a yearly basis. The qualifications of Medicaid recipients may differ according to each state's guidelinesMedicaid is the largest program run by the Federal Government and states that assists low income families that can not otherwise afford the high costs of health care. Medicaid pays for more services for which Medicare does not.Medicaid rules vary depend on each state. Medicaid information is accessible at your local district social services, interests or Department of Human Services Offices. In many states, Medicaid covers services and costs Medicare do not cover, including prescription drugs, diagnostic and preventive care and eyeglasses. In some states, Medicaid charges consumers small amounts for certain services.In New England, for example the deficits are causing government directors to turn to cuts in many critical areas, including health department budgets. The states are in the point of making difficult decisions that will certainly have lethal affects on the health care system. The Congress should support short term fiscal relief to help the state through this budget crisis. Through fiscal year in 2003 Budget Ax hit Medicaid for second time, approximately every state has targeted health insurance programs for the poor, elderly and disabled to balance sever budget deficits, and two thirds of those states are on their second round of such cuts. One of the reason states are targeting Medicaid programs for cuts, is because health care programs are the most likely to be over budget.A proposition of eliminating health care coverage for about 300,000 low income parents by lowering the eligibility...

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