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Health Care In The Global Marketplace

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The health care industry is positioned for the global market place. It is expected to grow exponentially in health-related services for the elderly. China’s population of individuals over sixty years old is expected to grow to one third in the next twenty-five years. Though their culture view aging somewhat differently than in United States, they are interested in the attractive senior living options established here. Senior care encompasses private care facilities, home health care, products, drugs and medical equipment. As the largest health care market in the world American companies have made significant global inroads over the last two decades. These businesses are positioned to offer additional services directed at retirees, and children who will be responsible for their parents and potentially their grandparents as well.
Johnson & Johnson (J&J) is an American powerhouse in the healthcare industry. It is number 46 on Forbes list of the World’s Biggest Public Companies (DeCarlo, 2013). It has sixty international locations. J&J has been involved in health related products since 1886. The management structure is decentralized allowing for strategic operations depending on need and location. There are four central business divisions, consumer, pharmaceutical and medical devices and diagnostics. J&J has a significant presence in China and has targeted dominant health concerns, which includes the health issues of their aging population. J&J are not the only global company positioned to address China health care needs. Emeritus and Merrill Gardens are two Seattle, Washington companies whose focus is on senior care. These two companies met in Hong Kong with a group of global investors to discuss the development of the Western format of health care facilities in China.
Johnson and Johnson have the competitive advantage of being a world leader in the health care field. They are supported by a proven business infrastructure. This company has been moving forward since 1886. Its home base in United States provides a strong presence in the global marketplace. It has domestically over two hundred and seventy locations and internationally a presence in sixty countries. It also employs nearly one hundred and twenty nine thousand people. The investment in innovative technology and people, fulfill Porter’s directive of a having a powerful workforce. In addition, J&J capitalized on their strong presence global presence by funding products and services for health crisis around the world. Such as Brazil’s funding for the INMED Healthy Children, Healthy Future program. J&J strategically fund global health initiatives in countries they have an economic presence in.
The demand for J&J products are both domestically and international, and is positioned to grow on a global scale. Already a proven innovator in medical pharmaceutical and devices, it has much to offer other countries, especially those nations which are underdeveloped. J&J report that in 2012,...

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