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In science and anatomy class students find out how the human body works and moves, this is the class that spiked my passion for anatomy. Careers that would relate to the human would be is the medical field such as nurses, doctors, etc. Once knowledge of the differences in medical careers started growing, those involving treatment and surgical operations were of greatest interest.
A surgery that is of interest is that of an orthopedic surgeon because these physicians operate on bones, ligaments, muscles, tendons, joints, and sometimes tumors. Surgeons have an advantage not shared by some other careers because they can choose times to schedule their surgeries and where they want to live because hospitals can be found everywhere. Family time for surgeons will be much easier to arrange than many jobs involving the practice of medicine.
Another career that was very interesting and a good match would be that of a National Football League (NFL) Physician. Football is usually the primary programming airing on television at home, and throwing that pig skin ball has been a favorite activity since the age of wearing diapers. NFL physicians are specialized sports doctors. Sports doctors treat patients engaged in sports; whether the sports are professional, school sports, or just exercises. Their focus is the treatment of muscle, joint, and bone injuries and some also treat lung and cardiac conditions. Physicians and doctors that focus on athletes provide their patients with essential medical advice to keep their bodies safe; for example, stretching routines. A health care professional once offered this maxim – the best surgeon is the one with the most scars. Because of a personal interest and years of experiences with sports, treating sports injuries would be a good fit. Personally overcoming shoulder surgery as well as having walked with wrapped strained ankles and experiencing other pains that were a result of playing a competitive sport have served as preparation to understand and feel empathy for another player in need of a physician’s expertise.
Another advantage to being a NFL physician that would be of great interest would be the opportunity to travel. Physicians for NFL teams travel the United States with the team and experience the world; however, a possible drawback to this would be time away from family. A surgeon with a sports medicine practice would probably have a greater opportunity to experience time with family.
Both of my choices are in the medical field, but they specialize in different areas, have different hours, and have different pay. The differences between the jobs assist in narrowing the choice of whether being a surgeon or an NFL physician will be a better job opportunity. The choice that appears to be the best fit for a young, graduate doctor that has not yet started a family is that of being a NFL physician because traveling the United States and meeting famous people while making an acceptable salary and...

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