Medical Communication Using Social Networks Essay

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HSBH 1010: Reflection Task

Question 1: What are your current thoughts about telehealth?

Australian medicare defines telehealth as “financial incentives to eligible health professionals and aged care services that help patients have a video consultation with a specialist, consultant physician or consultant psychiatrist.” (medicare, 2013). Before participating in Ehealth lectures and tutorials at The University of Sydney, I had circum to the conclusion that telehealth was simply typing into google signs and symptoms of a medical condition that a person may have and hence determining the steps to control the outbreak of that condition, whether it be medication and then approaching an epharmacy or some form of rehabilitation. My previous knowledge was limited to what had been learnt in school PDHPE curriculum and other general knowledge such as computing and research skills. In week one of HSBH1010 the class learned of “epharmacies” and how influential they can be in providing prescription and non-prescription medication to people who would not necessarily have had access to it, this is one of the main ways that telehealth has contributed to helping the community. My thoughts were further advanced when my partner and I worked through the week four assignment, which was very useful in coming to terms with the difficulties associated with online communication and the impact that telehealth can have on a persons life. I now understand that telehealth aims to “remove some of the barriers to accessing medical services for Australians who have difficulty getting to a specialist or live in rural and remote areas” (medicare, 2013), and I can now define telehealth as a means to accommodate the needs of people without direct access to health services, in the form of video conferencing, email and any other consultation help to eligible Australians.

Question 2: Describe how you approached the task.

The task was issued to us in our week 4 tutorials and after extensively reading the task and choosing my partner we exchanged details and choose to use email, text messaging and face time as our forms of communication. Our first step of communication was done over facetime, we collectively choose this as we thought it would be the best device to teach each other how to perform the certain yoga movements (downwards dog, cobra and forward fold). This initial process began on the 29th of March and took 28 minutes, it consisted of step by step demonstrations by myself and the youtube demonstrator, with the final outcome being a satisfactory appreciation of the movements. My second reminder was sent via email which consisted of a short messaging and the link to the youtube video ( The next 3 reminders were similar to the first, although from the 3rd reminder onwards we used text messages as our form of communication. The only difference between changing between the media formats...

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