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Medical Dominance On The Retreat In The New World

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Medical dominance can be defined as the instance where health occupations have increased jurisdiction over health and moral phenomena than other superiors. The main period of this medical dominance surge took place, according to Willis, E (2006), between the 1930s and 1970s. This is due to the fact that medical knowledge was growing and those who possessed this knowledge were thought to be the most important to discuss health and moral issues with. This medical dominance however can be seen to be on the decline as of late due to various factors of societal progression away from the dependence on medical practitioners including individuals taking their personal health matters into their own ...view middle of the document...

The fact that homosexuals were sent to psychiatrists to treat their homosexuality with medication or recreational treatment is a clear indication of the dominance of medicine spreading into several social spheres which would thus increase the social dependence of medicine as other moral dilemmas would be seen as treatable by medical intervention which could be an argument in stating that medical dominance is still existing at high rates as there are still social issues like addictions, sexuality and gender identities that individuals hope medical intervention can treat and this is due to social reconstruction of the thought process in the past that has been passed down through the decades from those who grew solely dependent on medical care .
Contrastingly though, there is more evidence to prove that this medical dominance that once was on the rise, is now actually declining due to the new societal thought process of taking an active role in treating whatever ailment the individual may suffer from. This active role may be seeking other advice on how to treat an ailment from another source or resorting to treating oneself.
Self-medication is an effective indicator displaying the decline of medical dominance as the medical practitioners who were once thought to possess all the knowledge of treating illness are being overlooked as individuals decide to take their health into their own hands regarding diagnosis and treatment....

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