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Medical Education Essay

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Normally in the U.S the study of medicine would follow a bachelor’s degree. The medical schools are very competitive and so it is not easy to get in. less than half of the U.S citizens that apply for medical school get in and less than 3% of the international ones are admitted. In some recent years 155 foreign students got in from the total of 16,221 and many of these were persons who had already done there undergraduate degrees in the U.S. public medical institutions are largely funded by the taxes of the residents that reside in the states in which they are located and so the preference will be given to the citizens of the state before all other applicants regardless of there background. Some of these public schools will only consider applicants who are permanent residents of the state and no one else.

The Professional First Degree

Medicals school will last for about 4 years and the students would graduate with the doctor of medicine degree. Classroom experience and medical work are combined to create the study. An undergraduate degree from a recognized U.S institution is one of the requirements. Degree in any area will be accepted when the student has the minimum required amount of required courses in mathematics, the biological sciences, chemistry, humanities, And the , behavioral and social sciences. Another requirement will include a great academic record: fluency in English: and a good grade on the MCAT and a standard entrance examination that is given all around the globe. You can find more information about this at the ACTP which is in Iowa City fax: 319-337-1122 and telephone 319-337-1356.
Those persons who are interested in doing the Medical Doctors degree program should first consider the difficulty level of the entrance requirements, the amount of time concerned( A total of eight years when everything is included), and the acknowledgment of a medical degree from the U.S and qualifications in the country to decide if medical study is suitable for them. An Association gives a yearly publication on the statistics on admission requirements of many of the medical schools in America, American Medical Colleges ( The local EducationUSA center should have the resources and other materials to assist you in gathering information on various schools and to evaluate your qualifications.

The Postgraduate Training
A lot of the international students who get their first degree in medicine in their country will continue their graduate medical training in the U.S. Whether they were educated in outside or inside the U.S all physicians must:
• gotten the first expert medical degree from a medical institution recognized by the Liaison Committee;
• have completed some time in graduate medical education or residency;
• successfully complete the state license examinations.
so as to be able to practice medicine in the United States.

Gaining the ECFMG Certification
A specific period of time for...

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