Medical Errors In Usa Essay

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Medical Errors in US
There is nothing traumatizing in the world has adding pain to where it already exists. This is the hell situation which every medical error victim is exposed. As the statistics are currently showing, the fatalities are increasing day by day. The trend seems to be hiding on the old ideology of “man is to error”. However this is not being tolerated any more and the American medical facilities are being held 100% accountable for the mistakes they make in their service delivery. Professional diligence is not a matter of negotiation in this generation and probably future generations. If a medical facility cannot treat people diligently, then the only better option remaining for that facility is to be made to account for the losses they have caused on affected patients and be closed down immediately.

Paul Mountjoy, a reporter of the Washington Times, asks whether medical errors are ranking third in causing deaths in US. In the article, he notes that medical error complications are an emerging major public health issue as he reports that nearly 400,000 American patients die annually due to complications resulting from medical errors. The trend seems to be growing because nearly 10 years ago the figure was nearly 250,000 cases. This is according to a report by Dr. Starfield. Without much guess, this confirms that actually medical errors rank third in killing American citizens. Cancer and heart complications of course take the lead.

Among the 13 nations that have advanced modern medical facilities, USA is ranked 12th and this is primarily because the service brought on board overly by the entire medical industry is poor. World Health Organization equates medical service in US to that offered in less technologically developed countries. Poor medical service worsens the medical error case complications and hence the rising number of the cases is inevitable. Mostly the cases emanate from poor prescriptions. According to the report, which refers to the Association of American Medical Colleges, current USA doctors are overworked as there is a shortage of them in the tune of 150,000. The article ascertains that medical profession examination is unarguably needed if things have to change.

Despite the severe attack on medical practitioners who cause medical accidents, the article puts across some causes that make it impossible to completely avoid medical errors. First the reporter notes that most patients show up for medication only when things are very critical. To diagnose such kind of complications, it is difficult. This is from the basic ideology that medicine is a form of science that does not have every answer to every problem but rather seeks to offer a solution through the best method possible. When that fails, then it is categorized as an accident. In addition to this, medical procedures have possibilities of affecting people different. A doctor may carry out a procedure properly but later come to realize that the client was...

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