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Medical Experiments Of Wwii Gives Information And An Ethical View Of Some Medical Experiments In Wwii, Including Nazi Hypothermia Tests, And Biological Warfare Of The Japanese

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Medical Experiments ERC - Grade 10 Angus Tihema ______________________________________________________________________________________ Medical Experiments ERC - Grade 10 Angus Tihema ______________________________________________________________________________________
The Second World War (1939 - 1945) led to much stress put on many Military Forces around the world. It led to much typically inhumane research on the human body to make weapons in many forms. Some of these experiments were made by the Japanese and Germans; who were allied together against the United Nations and others, but we must keep in mind that inhumane research was also made by the United Nations, for example the atomic bombs on Hiroshima (Little Boy) and Nagasaki (Fat Man) dropped by the United States of America which caused much harm on the Japanese for the next decade.An experiment of Biological Warfare was made by the Japanese during this time and also an experiment of Freezing/Hypothermia was made by the Germans; I have researched and have gone into a much further depth of detail of these two experiments: including why they were conducted, legal actions taken against the experiments, if anything was learned from the experiments and if it is still used today.Biological Warfare testings made on human beings occurred a lot throughout World War II. One of the main places was in Japan. As Japan was at war with China, many testing subjects were either of Chinese or Korean descent. Biological Warfare for example is like being able to get a hold of what causes a plague, and then spread it throughout an enemy's city, causing death to many civilians. However, to get a hold of what causes a plague, you must conduct practical experiments. Some scientists believed that to get the most accurate results, the experiments must be done on human beings; and to get even more accurate results, the human beings must be as equal as possible to your targets, for example: your targets would be alive, breathing, and fully conscious. Therefore the experiments were conducted on fully conscious human beings. In some experiments they would dissect the human body while the human remained fully conscious in order to get accurate results.One of the major foundations or groups that conducted these experiments was called 'Unit 731' under the Japan Military Police during World War II. It was estimated that during these experiments 3000 Chinese people died, and another estimated 400 000 died as victim to biological weapons in China and Russia. Unit 731 during the war attempted and sometimes succeeded in contaminating rivers (water sources), foods, livestock and plantations to try to spread plague amongst mostly Russians and Chinese during the Sino-Japanese war and World War II.When the War ended in 1945, there was many Unit 731 research facilities located in places now known as China and Russia. These facilities were destroyed by the Japanese in a move to hide the information on Biological Warfare but some...

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