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Medical Lab Technologists And Technicians Essay

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Medical Lab Technologists and Technicians
When I go to the doctor to get laboratory tests done, such as blood or urine tests, I have always been interested in how nurses are prepared to deal with needles, blood, and most importantly the patient’s life and safety. Besides my interest in how nurses are prepared to work in laboratories, I would like to change the feeling of fear that we all get when we have to go and we have to get our tests done; instead of this fear I want to make people feel safe, relaxed, and happy because they got a nice and professional nurse like me.
According to Bureau of Labor Statistics/ Occupational Outlook Handbook, a typical job of a medical laboratory technologist and technician varies; they have to examine body fluids like blood, urine, feces, saliva, and other types of fluids; they also have to know how to operate advance laboratory equipment, and work with private ...view middle of the document...

There are also programs for high school students who are interested in pursuing a career in Medical Laboratory Sciences; this program is called Dual Enrollment which helps the students to be more familiarized and prepared by the time they get to college (‘’How to Become One’’).
According to Gale Student Resources in Context, ‘’the median wage for a medical laboratory technologist was about $57,580 in May 2012’’.The lowest 10% of this technologists and technicians earned less than $24, 790, and the highest 10% earned more than $ 57,710.In addition to these facts ,most medical laboratory technologists and technicians work evenings, weekends, and/or overnights (‘’Pay’’).
Basically an increase in the aging population will lead to a greater need to diagnose many medical conditions and diseases (‘’Job Outlook’’). As a result , The Federal Health Legislation will increase the number of patients who have access to health insurance increasing patient access to medical care and an expand in a variety of new insurances .
Since medical laboratory technologists and technicians will be in demand to diagnose and treat patients with medical conditions, I want to make sure that by that time I am ready to work and help to save lives, that is why I am ready to start a new career preparing myself taking dual classes while I am in high school at another school called Orlando Tech, in this school I am taking a class called Medical Laboratory Assistant which at the end of the class I am taking the National exam that is required in order to become a certified Medical Laboratory Assistant and an exam that is required for any laboratory assistant to work in any doctor’s office, hospital, or clinic. After I graduate from high school I don’t have to wait to get to college and finish my career to work in what I want to work at ,with the certification that I am getting at the end of the school year I can work while I get my associates degree and my bachelors degree to become a well known Medical Laboratory Technologist national and international as well .

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