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Medical Malpractice Essay

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“Medical malpractice occurs when a hospital, doctor, or other health care professional, through a negligent act or omission, causes an injury to a patient” (ABPLA). The problem with medical malpractice involves malpractice claims, unnecessary procedures, the general system, communication issues, and reform efforts. Although medical malpractice is a significant concern, much is being done to address this problem.
Many medical practice claims have been made over the years. Around 85,000 claims are made yearly (Berger). The total number of medical malpractice payouts is 12,142 (Gamble, 2013). New York is the highest ranked state for payouts. New York spent $763,088,250 on the payouts alone ...view middle of the document...

Besides the bill, the radiation the patient is exposed to during the unnecessary procedures can cause major issues. This radiation can raise the risk of cancer a significant amount (Marchione, 2011). Above all, the main issue with the unnecessary procedures happens to be deaths. According to Levy, around 225,000 deaths are caused by medical errors and unnecessary procedures, making it ranked the third leading cause of death in the United States after heart disease and cancer (2013).
Looking past the unnecessary procedures, the system is a major blame for medical malpractice. Hospitals are a part of the system that contribute to the malpractice problem. They have been seen to make negative approaches to errors in the past. Some of the hospitals would take an “adversarial and secretive approach to lawsuits and error” (Schwartz, 2013). Admitting errors and flaws can be difficult and can cause more issues. Aside from the lack of apologies, hospitals also profit from mistakes. The insurers pay the hospitals for longer stays and extra care (Grady, 2013). The daily cost of a hospital stay averages around $1,600. With the extra night stays in result of mistakes, the bills start to add up causing financial issues for the patient. In twelve Texas hospitals in 2010, 34,256 people had a surgical procedure. 1,820 of the patients had complications that were preventable during the surgery (Grady, 2013). The patients stay averaged fourteen days. The hospital revenue averaged $30,500 more than for patients without complications (Grady, 2013). Obviously, the result of the mistakes being made have had an enormous effect on patient’s lives. Another flaw in the system deals with the organization issues. While taking or filing orders, some doctors and nurses have not been organized and filing the orders with the correct information (National…Consultants, 2014). Medication flaws have also been made throughout the system. The general medical system has no method to see problems in the medication process (National…Consultants, 2014). An example of a problem with the medication process involves the patient and the pharmacist. These two parties have no direct connection. This allows more room for error or misunderstandings (National…Consultants, 2014). On top of the hospitals blame, doctors are also blamed. Poor doctors are being allowed to care for patients. The groups behind the guidelines, the doctors are required to follow, are not held responsible for the outcome of the bad guidelines. No matter if the care turns out bad it is the doctors who are dependent on these guidelines who are blamed (Avraham, 2011).
The hospitals approach to issues, organization issues, medication issues, and guideline issues have caused many heartaches in the medical field between patients and doctors. Communication is essential in every aspect of life. Communication is the key to good care. When a test is taken sometimes the information gets filed without being seen directly by the...

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