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Medical Malpractice Suits Have Started To Cause More Conflict Than They’re Solving

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Medical malpractice suits have started to cause more conflict than they’re solving. Malpractice is when a doctor has neglected or wrongfully treated a patient. A patient can take a doctor to court and receive a large amount of money by proving the doctor messed up. However, suing a doctor over malpractice has become easier every year. The knowledge that malpractice can lead to a patient getting money has led to some individuals searching for any small mistake a doctor could make. This type of thinking has led to new rules and doctors having to question their own choices. Malpractice is supposed to help a patient or family receive compensation for a mistake that a doctor should have never made. However patients are also being scrutinized for suing. They are being accused of being selfish and causing problems to everyone for a stupid mistake. It should be the type of mistake that is caused by the doctor not paying attention or being rude in a way that leads to negative consequences. If a patient experiences that, they have a right to sue. But still, people continue to try to make a mistake out of nothing so that they can sue which is ruining it for people who are actually experiencing it. Malpractice is when that patient gets an injury from a wrong choice the doctor made. It should be an injury that the doctor should have predicted yet failed to do so (De Raedt, 2013, p.10).
There are three types of malpractice. There is medical, professional, and legal. Medical malpractice can be by nurses, nursing home staff, surgeons, physicians, dentists, pharmacists, and anyone else in the medical field. Malpractice can be intentional or from carelessness, but being a doctor, it can be very hard to prove what happened. It is also especially hard on nurses. Nurses can prevent 86% of malpractices caused by doctor and pharmacies according to a study done in 2009 (Özata et al, 2009, p.10). Some major examples of medical malpractice are birth injuries, getting prescribed the wrong medicine, nursing home abuse, and failing to diagnose correctly. To sum it up, five of the main causes of medical malpractice is the doctor didn’t provide the right treatment, the hospital didn’t have the needed equipment, there wasn’t signed consent, there was an abnormal injury for the patient, and safety procedures weren’t followed (KLEBANOW, 2013, p.10). It is argued that these are just causes but someone in a medical career doesn’t get much of a chance to argue their side of the suit. When an emergency occurs a doctor is expected to do everything they can to save a life but the second a doctor crosses the rule line their career is in danger. This goes to show that medical malpractice is helping some patients but causing too much conflict to any other individual involved.
Most patients end up regretting their decision to sue. They regret their decision because it is a long emotional process (KLEBANOW, 2013, p.10). If a patient is suing for a medical cause, they are already...

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