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Medical Marijuana Legalized Essay

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On November 5th, 1996 Ballot Proposition 215 was approved which removed criminal penalties for the use, possession, and cultivation of marijuana by anybody who has a written recommendation from their doctor saying he/she would benefit from medicinal marijuana. In recent years, the use of recreational marijuana has increased. More and more adolescents and adults are using marijuana on a day to day basis and that number is only just increasing. Marijuana has become not a big issue in our culture. In California, the use of recreational marijuana is still illegal but with the help of the media, the horrible stigma tied along to it is surely fading. Marijuana can be used everywhere now with the tools that are available. Just recently, “vape pens” have become a big thing in society making the intake of marijuana not only more potent but more discreet. The use of recreational marijuana can be used anytime throughout the day depending on the user’s wants and needs. Many marijuana users use this drug for its health benefits. “Doctors prescribe medicinal marijuana to treat muscle spasms by multiple sclerosis, nausea from cancer chemotherapy, poor appetite and weight loss caused by chronic illness, and seizure disorders.” Marijuana has also been used to treat anxiety, depression and insomnia. There are four different types of administration for marijuana; the first form is by smoking it (out of a pipe, blunts, spliffs, bongs, or dab piece). Other ways are by having it vaporized which means having it heated in a machine until the chemicals are released but no smoke is formed, third way is edibles which allows you to eat it in food or drink form, and last is by liquid extract. Some side effects to the use of marijuana are dizziness, drowsiness, short term memory loss, and euphoria.
“The movement to legalize marijuana is...

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