Medical Miracles And Their Apocalyptic Counterparts

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Has the thought of artificial intelligence ever created images of automated doctors, surgeons or nurses that have friendly interaction with patients and provide proper treatment with the utmost precision? Most people would certainly disagree, and rightfully so, because technology has the stigma of an impending robotic apocalypse forever seared into its surface from the numerous books and movies depicting the dangers of pushing the concept too far. If only they were to show what really happens when these death-dealing automata are plugged in, such as aiding delicate surgeries or providing non-invasive means of detecting cancer or even bringing sight to the blind. While the advancement of medical technology challenges many religious, political and moral beliefs, recent progression in the field has promoted a symbiotic relationship between medical professionals and mechanical precision. This unity is opening doors to medical miracles that have successfully treated disabilities and diseases that were once thought to be incurable.

What if there was a way to detect the formation of cancer just by taking a blood test? Well, there is an experimental test approaching that ideal. According to Nicholas Wade of the New York Times, a well-known group of medical scientists, working for Epigenomics AG, have been working on a miraculous alternative to the direct examination. The test is designed to look inside a blood test for changes in a gene called Septin 9 for mutations that would indicate precancerous or cancerous tumors in the colon, (Wade, 1). The alternative to it is having an embarrassing and increasingly unreliable colonoscopy. Preliminary results show the blood test to have a higher degree of accuracy than colonoscopies or similar tests that use other secretions, (Wade, 1). If the research is allowed to flourish, then someday there will likely be a simple, pain-free way of detecting cancer at its earliest stages. As detection time is reduced and the accuracy of treatments increases, the likelihood of successful treatments also increases. Perhaps in the near future cancer won’t even exist. Although this seems to be outside of the range of possibility, being on the moon used to be the talk of raving lunatics and steadfast scientists. Until the Apollo 11 mission in 1969 happened of course.

How far has medical technology progressed already? People can be artificially sustained in order to survive paralytic diseases such as polio or the devastating effects of botulism. Entire limbs and skeletal structures can be replaced with synthetic materials. There is even research into regenerating missing organs and appendages with a combination of a patients own cells and stem cells. While there is a huge debate over the morality of using stem cells, the healing power they contain can only be described as a miracle of medicine. Some hear of severely disabled men and women walking after years of hard rehabilitation and many painful surgeries. With...

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