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Life is something we all have the opportunity to experience and live the way we want. We are exposed to choices we can make, some being good and some having a negative effect on our life. We are the ones who put these consequences in our life based on the choices we make everyday. No one in life tells you what you can and cannot do and when you make a bad choice it is 100% on yourself. Yes, there are people around us who influence these choices, but in the end the decision made is solely based on what you chose to do. This is why I don’t think California should grant medical parole to inmates in state prisons because it might actually save the government money, prisoners should be held ...view middle of the document...

According to the Hub Pages, it costs $26,000 per inmate per year to keep them locked down in prison (Hub Pages). A skilled nursing facility, if you can find an open bed, costs minimally about $185.00 per day, or about $67,525.00 for a year, not including the cost of medicine, health care or even personal clothing. In today’s economy, many of our seniors who have worked and saved won’t be able to afford this type of health care. The state of California and the federal government would have to fund a medical parolee’s needs. If we were to let these inmates out of jail, they wouldn’t have anything out there for them as far as health care facilities or care givers. Private Citizens struggle to find affordable senior care. Medical parolees most likely didn’t have a job before jail and sure won’t be able to get one if they are released. They also wouldn’t be in any condition to do any type of work if they were to get released because of their medical condition. Medical parolees would be unemployed, unable to work and take care of themselves. This would mean that they would be collecting government assistance such as food stamps, some type of housing, and health care. All of these programs cost the state’s taxpayers a lot of money.
For example, a major medical issue going on in this world is heart problems caused by people who have not taken care of themselves. My guess is that most of these people in prison do not take care of themselves and have put many harmful things into their bodies. An average severe heat attack costs about $760,000 and can be as high as 1$ million (cbs). This type of medical attention would not be paid for by the clients insurance, since he did just get out of jail. It would be paid for by some sort of government health care or public assistance that the taxpayers are paying into.
Furthermore, health care isn’t all prisoners will need. Even if they didn’t require professional health care in a nursing facility, they will need food to eat, daily necessities and even medicine that they won’t be able to afford. The average California citizen gets about 149.05 dollars per month in food stamps (kff). In addition they will also need housing, whether it’s a house, apartment some kind of low-income housing and they wouldn’t be able to afford it. Again, they would be living off of some kind of state or federal government assistance. All of these dollar amounts add up and exceed the amount of staying prison where they belong. This would be cheaper for the state’s taxpayers and safer for the public in general.
Another reason why I think they shouldn’t receive medical parole is because they need to face their consequences. Many people would state that they are dying so why not let them out if they can’t do much. I think that just being out of prison would be a joy for them and they shouldn’t get that luxury. This is one of the main reasons why I think they shouldn’t. They decided to make the wrong choice and ended up in...

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