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The Health Risks Associated With Electromagnetic Frequencies

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What if you were killed by something you couldn’t see or hear? What if I told you that at this very moment you are at risk for being killed? Would you stop everything you were doing to find the silent killer, or would you just hope that the silent killer wouldn’t find you?
One woman was lucky enough to go in pursuit of this silent killer. Throughout the span of six months this woman had seen signs that were out of the ordinary in her house. One sign, the sign that lead her to finding the silent killer was the death of all the violet plants in and around her home. The woman herself was experiencing major headaches that lasted for days, tiredness, and ringing in her ears. It was her doctor that suggested it could be radio waves, such as that used in microwaves, laptops, and cell phones that were causing her discomfort. After she rid her home of such items, the weird phenomenons kept occurring. One way or another, the woman with help of the police found out that her neighbor was trying to kill her by sending high frequency electromagnetic waves into her home.
This scenario isn’t a common form of murder. However, for most of the people of Western society, electromagnetic dependency has become incorporated into their way of life, whether they know it or not. Electromagnetic waves are very hard to completely get rid of since they are heavily relied upon. However, this does not mean that their usage cannot be cut down or regulated. Since most of Western society relies so heavily on electromagnetic frequencies, it is only fair that they know what they are, the side-effects, and the research behind them. I believe that electromagnetic frequencies do cause health problems and that there should be laws and regulations put on them because of the different types of research that supports the idea that they cause health problems.
Electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs) interfere with the body’s electromagnetic system and cause unusual effects. In order to understand how EMFs have the potential to cause negative health effects you must understand what they are. EMFs are measured by the length of their waves, the distance from the top of one crest to the top of the next (NASA). All in all, it is important to know that different EMFs have different wavelengths known as frequencies. EMFs come in a variety of frequencies. From cell phones, laptops, and microwaves to satellites, power lines, and air-conditioning, all use electromagnetic waves. Some are a natural occurrence involving magnetic and electric fields within the Earth’s rotation with the solar system. However, other EMF’s, which are the ones that are controversial, are artificial and are known as electromagnetic pollution. With usage on the rise, it is important to know what risks you can encounter when in contact with EMFs.
Research has proven that there is evidence that adverse health effects can be found in a person that is in contact with low range (longer wavelength) EMF’s, such as cell phones. The...

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