Medical Technology: Imagery Essay

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Technology has been vastly upon many categories of medication. Robots, monitors, disease controls, computers, and imagery. Imagery is otherwise known as radiology, which in fact uses waves of radiation from an instrument bouncing off the subject to a computer, resulting in images from that particular object. Imagery works just as a radio does to a network, thus being called radiology. Here, this article uses a timeline to give information on many machines designed in medicine, such as; x-rays, gamma cameras, ultra sound, and cat scans from past, present, and future.
Imagery has been dated back to 1895 by a German scientist by the name of Wilhelm Roentgen. He had found the common term ...view middle of the document...

Gamma cameras are now referred to scintillation or anger cameras which help professionals to track medication, ingestion, and inhalation in the patient’s body. Back yonder, only a minimal amount of hospitals grasped this type of technology, though currently, almost every single ER and specific rooms hold these types of radiology. CAT-scans (though young) have grown in size to keep better proportion of the body, and frame it from becoming lopsided, unlike its parent.
In the future, medical technicians are planning major things in the process of medicine, so people with diseases can be cured in a fast and harmless pace. In example of this, a group of well thought out scientists of the American Museum of Natural History will explore the depths of the Atlantic in search of the sea creature known as Sea Sparkle (scientific name: Dinoflagellates) that create their own light. The light is made of protein stored by a balanced combination of molecules. Doctors are hoping to extract these proteins to create light for machines and other things associated with light. This could help with all types of imagery, especially to visualize the brain. Ultrasound...

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