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Medical Tourism: Boon Or Bane To African Healthcare Delivery Model

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There is an old Saying “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade” in the Same Way Medical Tourism is the sour reality of almost all of the African countries lets learn how we can make Sweet Lemonade out of the Sour Lemon called Medical Tourism.
Medical tourism has become lifeline to the critically ill patients of Nigeria where healthcare delivery is not effective, and at the same time Medical Tourism has threatened the already malnourished Healthcare industry of Nigerian Region by attracting most of the challenging patients from the region, leaving the local healthcare facilities with fewer patients to treat on, in turn hampering the growth of Local Healthcare industry in terms of revenues and as well as in terms of clinical expertise. There are few apparent benefits also like Better Care and there are some benefits which can be taken if the correct policies can be implemented I will touch those points also in the article
Need for Medical Tourism: There are so many Factors which results in a booming Medical Tourism Industry but for Nigeria it is required because of the poor delivery of Medical Services by the local healthcare Industry.

Drawbacks of Medical tourism:
Loss of foreign Exchange to the country: Estimated loss of Naira 250 Bn Yearly to Nigerian foreign exchange to the Medical Tourism destinations.
Loss of Complicated Cases: most complicated cases go to the foreign countries which hinder the growth of Expertise of Local healthcare professionals and Institutes.
Loss of Revenue: When most of the cases go to Medical tourism Destinations, the local healthcare industry is left with fewer cases to treat on in resulting lesser revenues which hinder the growth of the Local Healthcare Industry.

Apparent Benefits of Medical Tourism
Like any Phenomenon in the world there is a good side also to Medical Tourism, which are given Below.
Better Healthcare Services: Most Important Benefit of Medical Tourism is Better health care can be accessed by the patients who can afford to go to Foreign Country for the Treatment, which were not available in the Home country on the first place.
Referral fee: some part of the foreign Exchange spent in the Medical Tourism Destinations comes back to the patient referring agencies may it be the hospital or the company which is referring the patient

Hidden Bargains of Medical Tourism
There so many bargains which can be...

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