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Medically Assisted Dying Should Be Legalized

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Death is something that many are afraid of facing. For others, it is their only way to be remembered with dignity. This topic is relevant since more and more people are beginning to question the line between the value of someone's life and their emotions about the situation. Medically assisted dying should be considered a right because everyone deserves their dignity, a choice, and their right to stay pain-free.

Just as how people are given names, they develop their own identities, which can be forgotten when a medical condition is taking over them. These people, along with all others need to understand that their medical condition does not define who they are as a person or take the place of their name, and that they can die with dignity. Although some may say that people can feel pressured by family members to apply for this type of procedure however, it is really the patient's personal decision that overpowers them all. Others may also say that some may be too young or mentally incapacitated to request it, but if a patient is on the verge of death, they already have the experience of their pain that was felt, which gives them the direct knowledge of a possibility of how their death is going to occur. A public opinion poll by Angus Reid showed that 80% of Canadians support the right of grievously ill patients to have medical assistance to die. With medically assisted dying legalized, patients would be able to die the way they want to, surrounded by the ones they love, as themselves instead of dying a slow, painful death caused by their medical condition.

"Control gives peace of mind, and sometimes that is all that is needed." If someone with a medical condition does not want to let death wait any longer, they need access for the right to medically assisted dying, in order to have a choice about the situation. It is their life, so it should also be their choice. Dr. Donald Low, a microbiologist and infectious disease specialist, also known as a "SARS" doctor who was diagnosed with a brain tumor agrees. "I'm just frustrated not being able to have control of my own life. Not being able to make the decision for myself when enough is enough," he said. In fact, most terminally ill patients favour the right to die. A study involving 70 terminally ill cancer patients led researchers to find that 73% of patients believed that euthanasia and assisted suicide are acceptable practices, with the rest usually opposing the legalization on religious or moral grounds. When a medical condition forces someone to act a certain way or do certain things without their consent, it can be frustrating and embarrassing, but if medically assisted dying was legalized, they would be able to take control of an aspect of their life while they are still able to.

Doctors may feel that they are sustaining...

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