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Medicare And Medicaid Meaninful Use Stage

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Are you ready for a Meaningful Use Stage 2?
According to Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), around 3500 optometrists have attested for Electronic Health Records (EHR) incentives. In the coming years the incentives will decline and penalty be put on those practitioners who fail to attest to Meaningful Use for EHRs. The biggest question in everyone’s mind is that are you ready for Meaningful Use Stage 2 requirements in 2014?
Stages of Meaningful Use
To ease the adoption of EHRs, in addition to receiving incentive payments, CMS has established criteria for Meaningful Use in stages. Stage 1 is the easiest to obtain and stage 3 will be the most difficult.
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Updated stage 1 for 2013
Several factors required to meet the Meaningful Use Stage 1 have been updated for the year 2013. First of all is CPOE (computerized physician order entry).before reporting was based on a percentage of patients for which medication has been prescribed electronically 30% for stage 1. Instead practitioners will now be able to report based on the total number of scripts made during the EHR reporting period rather than the unique number of patients.
For the objectives that are related to recording vital signs optional criteria will be used in 2013. Blood pressure needs to be measured only for those patients aged 3 years and older and height and weight are is required to report for patients of all ages. The exclusion is still valid that if all the 3 measures are not relevant to specialty then the physician is not required to report on those measures.
Those physicians that are waiting to implement the EHRs until 2014 or later are still under stage 1 criteria. The current criteria for an objective need to provide an electronic copy of a patient’s health information within the 2 working days of request. The revised objective needs an online access to patient’s health information without request within the 4 working days of the information being made available to provider. The rest of the stage 1 objectives are unchanged.
What is Different Regarding Stage 2 Objectives?
For most of the objectives the percentage of patients for whom a provider must meet criteria and report increases.
• The requirement for CPOE has increased from 30% of unique patients to 60% of medications, 30% of lab and 30% of radiology orders.
• The objective for E-Rx increases from 40% of medications to 50%.
• Recording demographics increases from 50% to 80% of unique patients.
• Recording vital signs increases from 50% to 80% of unique patients.
• Instead of one Clinical Decision Support (CDS) 5 CDSs needs to be implemented within EHR system.
• 55% of lab test results must be entered this requirement is now a core objective
• Reminders for patients drop from 20% to 10% due to the Objective status change from Menu to Core.
• Clinical summaries are required to be provided for 50% of office visits within the 1 day, a decrease from 3 days.
Many of the objectives from stage 1 are still present, but they have been combined with rest of the Core objectives. These are:
• Performing the drug formulary checks is now a part of the E-Rx Objective

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