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Magic goes beyond the reach of a wand. It is when it jumps out of the trick when it gets far more complex, but also far more natural. Magic lies within the confines of people’s bodies in a mysterious and sometimes underestimated place: the human mind. As any other superhero, the mind constantly faces enemies who try to change its focus and narrow its range of thought. The mind uses all its powers to defend its principles, but sometimes the battles get bitter, as it is forced to overcome a local enemy. When we let society get in the way of our minds, we tend to challenge the power of its magic.
Throughout history, reason and logic have overthrown magic because we fear the uncertain; we want to have control; we want to have the absolute truth. This desire to own the facts and be always right has driven us through a path in which curiosity and faith are abolished because they have become synonyms of ambiguity; and ambiguity is frightening. But, there is a time when the path gets dreary because of the lack of colors and imagination. It gets mournful because of the lack of magic. As Faith Fitzgerald once said, “Magic will always be more enthralling than the mundane, hope is better than reality, and there is a deep need in all human beings, particularly those afflicted with terrible disease, to seek miracles.”
When our life is standing on a thread because our health has been compromised, we tend to open our minds to anything that will get our steadiness back. At this point is when we have to decide how we want to heal. One option is conventional medicine, also known as western or mainstream medicine that is “a system in which medical doctors and other healthcare professionals treat symptoms and diseases using drugs, radiation, or surgery,” (“Western Medicine”). On the other hand there is alternative medicine, which works exclusively with un-conventional methods and treatments, including natural products and mind and body practices ("Complementary, Alternative, or Integrative Health: What's In a Name?"). While conventional medicine focuses on science, alternative medicine focuses on spirituality, but although they are contrasting ideas that operate differently, they have a common purpose of healing. As they comprehend healing from two different perspectives, they are likely to disregard the opposing one as well as the concept of holism, “The theory that parts of a whole are in intimate interconnection, such that they cannot exist independently of the whole” (Oxford Dictionaries).
There is another type of medicine that looks at health care from all the different points of view, which is Integrative medicine. “Integrative Medicine is a compassionate, proactive approach to healthcare which combines the very best of all medicines- orthodox, complementary, psycho-spiritual and self-help - for the treatment of illness and the prevention of illness” ("What Is Integrative Medicine?"). Integrative Medicine attempts to heal the patients not only physically...

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