Drug Testing In The Work Place

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Drug Testing at Work Places
Drug Testing at Work Places
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Drug Testing at Work Places
Executive Summary
The use of drugs for recreational purposes has been greatly contested in many
parts of the world. In the United States, most organizations carry out drug testing on a
random basis to determine whether persons are working under the influence of drugs or
not. However, this practice has been contested by many who argue that it is totally wrong
for the employers to get into the employees private lives. At the same time, there are
those who argue that the institutions that are charged with the responsibility of ensuring
that persons do not engage in substance abuse have failed. Their argument is that the
tools for the prevention of abuse, mainly educational, as well as correctional tools have
failed. Therefore it is justifiable that drug testing be done on the employees.

Drug Testing at Work Places
In most organizations in the United States organizations require that persons
seeking engagement with the organizations take up some test, which is aimed at
determining whether those persons are involved in substance abuse or not. This practice
has drawn a lot of opposition mainly from the employees, who claim that it is unethical
for the organizations to do this. The question that comes to mind then is whether this
practice is really ethical or not. One thing that is certain for sure is that there is a great
possibility that persons who attend an interview would have had a beer the previous
night. There still remains no standard measure of the amount of alcohol in the blood that
would be generally acceptable as too much. This means that persons could be unfairly
denied jobs for the simple reason that they had a drink. It is notwithstanding that some of
the best employees may be partakers in recreational drinking for instance. At the same
time, the intention in testing of persons is that potential harm to persons is eliminated.
Scientific studies have established that most of the cases of accidents and even
absenteeism have been associated with persons who have in one way or another been
using drugs. In this case, it is understood that ethicality largely depends on what is
acceptable by the majority as bearing the greater good for the greater number of people. It
has been established that testing for drugs in work places has significantly reduced the
cases of persons working under the influence of the drug. Many organizations contend
that one of the most effective ways, and even cheap ways of ensuring effective
management was to conduct drug test on workers. This, they argue, reduces the number
of persons who either do not show up, or who just become liabilities to the organizations.
This eventually translated into profitability for the organization. Questions have been

Drug Testing at Work Places
raised however, regarding the...

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