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Drug Dogs Essay

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Drug dogs are classified into three categories – those that are aggressive, those that are compulsive, and those that are very laid back. These dogs go through very extensive training before performing their tasks. Training takes anywhere from three to twelve weeks. Dogs come out of this training with different types of personalities.
The first of this category would be the aggressive dog. This dog is the one that tends to be forceful and damaging. The aggressive dog will tear things apart when searching for drugs. This dog takes his or her job serious. You can compare these animals to human beings when it comes to work. Some human beings take their work serious as well. Most of the time an aggressive dog will make your job harder. You may have to do more to clean up an area after your search, because of the damage to the area. Aggressive drug dogs are not all the same. Their personalities come into play as well. I’ve been around these types of dogs when they have ripped a kitchen cabinet apart to get the drug they are looking for. A good example of an aggressive dog would be one that runs to fetch a thrown ball, and after retrieving the ball, begins to tear it to pieces. These types of dogs are known for performing their job the best.
The second type of drug dog would be the compulsive dog. This dog compares closely to the aggressive dog. The compulsive dog will tend to be a dog that is ready to go at all times. This dog will have to be held back even when it is not needed to perform. Compulsive dogs are dogs that are born to retrieve and do not have to be taught. These dogs will fetch the first time you throw a ball or an item. These dogs train quicker than the aggressive dog and usually perform their job well. Compulsive drug dogs are easier to get along with, in that they are friendlier than an aggressive dog. Compulsive dogs make great pets after they are no longer used for drug searches. Many times the compulsive dog will lead you to believe there is drugs...

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