Medication Errors In Children Essay

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Medication Errors Related to Children in Ambulatory Care
Error which was found
Medication errors in children alone are alarming, but throw an ambulatory care setting into the mix and it spells disaster. When it comes to children and medication in the ambulatory care setting, the dosage range is drastically out of range compared to those that are treated in the hospital setting (Hoyle, J., Davis, A., Putman, K., Trytko, J., Fales, W. , 2011). Children are at a greater risk for dosage errors because each medication has to be calculated individually, and this can lead to more human error. The errors that are occurring are due to lack of training, dosage calculation errors, and lack of safety ...view middle of the document...

Emergency personal need more in depth training in the area of medication dosages when it comes to children (Hoyle, J., Davis, A., Putman, K., Trytko, J., Fales, W. , 2011). In am emergent setting communication is the key to avoid confusion of the correct dosage of medications between providers and caregivers (Mehndiratta, January 2012). Safety systems are in place for a reason and it is clear that ambulatory care and urgent care facilities need to find a way to ensure they have a safety check in place. It is very important to understand that when figuring a pediatric dose the child’s weight must be correct. One simple mistake can be fatal. The sad part is all of this can be fixed, with just a few simple yet easy steps put into place.
How this error will reflect in my practice of nursing.
The impact that it will have on my nursing career is I will be a vigilant nurse. It is a reminder that patient safety is always the most important aspect of care. If I have a question about a prescribed medication I need to ask. It reminds me to never guess or assume...

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