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Drug Reports

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6BirdLauren BirdMrs. Jackson9th Lit/Comp Honors 514 March 2014Recreational Drug Use in the NBARecent studies show the affects that drugs have on NBA player's bodies. Players in the league that have taken or take drugs know how drugs affect their lives and performances better than anyone else. NBA and law regulations have a colossal impact on the consequences of NBA players. Players can get kicked out of the league or thrown in jail. Using recreational drugs is like inviting the devil into a players life. Everything starts to fall away piece by piece. Illegal recreational drugs affect NBA players' performances and more importantly their entire life.Recent studies show the affects that drugs have on NBA players. Anyone can die within seconds of ingesting the chemicals of marijuana and other recreational drugs. A coroner says an Anderson University basketball player died after ingesting a chemical used in synthetic marijuana, (WLTX). The study that the Coroner conducted reveals the true effects of marijuana on the human body, mostly consisting of brain development issues. From ingesting the terrible chemicals in the drugs, players can die instantly, and acquire serious health issues. Basketball players who take drugs could develop addiction. All drugs are potentially harmful and may have life-threatening consequences associated with their use. ("Illegal Drugs"). Basketball players could acquire serious addiction problems and health problems if they use drugs. It could potentially ruin and negatively impact their whole lives and careers. Substance abuse can lead to destruction of the human body and loss of productivity. Michael Beasley explains his run in with marijuana and the law. "I realize 10 minutes of feeling good is not really worth putting my life and my career and my legacy in jeopardy," Beasley said, according to the Associated Press. "I'm confident to say that part of my career, that part of my life, is over and won't be coming back." Beasley's career in the NBA and reputation is ruined as he is now known as the "Sun's Bust player". Many studies have been conducted by doctors revealing the effects marijuana has on athletes and people. A study conducted by Dr. Hans, published Wednesday in the Journal of Neuroscience, reported that young adults who use marijuana on a casual basis show significant structural changes in key regions of the brain affecting emotion and decision-making. Illegal drugs -- such as heroin, marijuana, cocaine and methamphetamine -- inflict serious damage upon basketball players who take drugs. Accidents, crime, domestic violence, illness, lost opportunity, and reduced productivity are the direct consequences of substance abuse. (Associated Press). Not only could a NBA player test positive for drugs, but they could get hurt from their drug use and end up in the hospital with a rapid heartbeat or overdose. Abusing drugs can aquire someone to be killed, and ruin many lives including their own. Recreational drug use...

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959 words - 4 pages people worldwide that have access to illegal drugs. “Illegal drug use causes about a quarter of a million deaths per year…” (Live Science). In the year of 2009 according to ABC News 37,485 people were killed due to drug overdosed. Other than motor vehicle deaths, this is the first time drugs have been a major issue in the United States. The FBI reports that US street gangs are growing closer with the Mexican cartels. Gang violence can now be

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738 words - 3 pages excuse to say no to drugs. Without t5his excuse, what reason will students have to say no? Nothing. That’s why this effective and needed. also reports “The purpose of drug testing is not to punish students, but to help the ones in need.”(Frequently Asked… para. 5) This can also be effective because it can cut down the teen drug abuse in America. This can also help areas lower crime rates due to stopping future drug addicts

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1265 words - 5 pages have nearly double the recidivism rate. However, Join Together Staff (Join Together Staff, 2011, p. 1) writes that “Recent reports issued by the Drug Policy Alliance and the Justice Policy Institue say that drug courts cherry pick the criminals most likely to succeed, thus inflating the court’s rates of success.”. To which Judge Markson replies, “We have people in our drug treatment court who would almost surely go to prison but for this

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2136 words - 9 pages . Available at: http// Open Society Foundations, The Benefits Of Decriminalizing Drug Use In Relation To Drug Policy In Portugal, 2011. Retrieved on 12 October at Report of The Global Commission on Drug Policy, June 2011. Retrieved on 20th October 2013 at

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1028 words - 5 pages United States, the CDC reports that on average 100 people die every day from prescription drug overdoses. Florida is considered the number one state for prescription drug abuse. Many have blamed the rapidly increasing number of pain management clinics or pill mills as contributing to this eruption. In 2009, nearly seven people died every day from overdoses prescription drug overdoses. It has not been until the implementation of a prescription drug

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904 words - 4 pages significant predictor of lifetime nonmedical OxyContin use. (Drug Rehab Services) Trends in Missouri: Oxycontin abuse is increasing throughout the state; this is causing thefts of Vicodin, Percocet, and OxyContin where people were breaking windows of pharmacies in the St. Charles area. These drugs are being used as an equal to heroin, according to law enforcement reports. The DEA Mobile Enforcement Teams is a cooperative program with the state and

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1447 words - 6 pages . There would be new jobs created for people who administer and collect the drug tests, people who test the samples, and people who write the reports once the test have been analyzed. In states like Kentucky, where a failed drug test means you would be required to attend substance abuse treatment, even more jobs would be created to manage and run those facilities. But, what agency would oversee all of this? I only ask that because my husband

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2501 words - 10 pages ) reports that it does not support harm reduction approaches, but it does support methadone maintenance for addicts (Myers). Methadone programs are generally accepted as a harm reduction approach because they do not eliminate drug abuse and addiction, they simply replace one addiction with another. If one form of harm reduction is generally accepted and has proven successful, the other ideas are certainly worth trying in place of programs that are

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