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Drug Smuggling Essay

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Drug Smuggling

     Drug smuggling is on a current up raise and there seems to be no way of
stunting it growth. But here a some ways some states are trying to slow the
rate of drug smuggling.

     In Illinois there is a program called “Operation Cash Crop” or the OCC.
This is a combine of the ISP and the DEA. It's goal is to locate places where
marijuana is grown then destroy all of it's gardens. During the span of 1983-88
these “OCC” led to 442 arrest and destroyed over 2 million marijuana plants. And
in 1984 there was 64,300 plants destroyed along.

     There is also a program called Operation Valkritre or O.V., this program
arrested 633 suspected drug smugglers and seized nearly 3,000 Kilograms of
marijuana and 2,000 kilograms of crack that was being brought into Illinois.
More then 3 quarters of these arrest were in 1988 alone.

     Some of the thing that the government are trying to do to help stop this
horrible thing are sending the army out in the streets to help seize some of the
drugs on the streets, and the government is also putting more money into protect
the boarders from all immigrants bringing illegal drugs into the United States
of America. There is also a lot of money put into a huge wall/fence going across
most of the whole southern boarder line. Along the coast of the east side and
the west side are hundreds of check in places to help stop from letting in
illegal drugs.

     Here is a case about 21 sailors that were arrested for smuggling cocaine
and heroin to Italy. They have been doing those on a regular basis because most
navy trips can go through boarders without being check for illegal drugs. The
sailors were caught with 20 pounds of illegal drugs which had street value of
thousands of dollars. The reason there are not a lot of illegal drugs coming
into the U.S. boarders is cause we have high tech aircraft's and vessels and
surveillance to detect drugs.

     Some of the places where crack is a problem are where a country does not
have money to support a high tech drug resistance around the borders of there
country. That is the reason that there is such a huge drug problem in countries
like Mexico and some of the poorer counties in Russia. Most of the drugs that
seep into American are usually brought into from Mexico.

     The government is trying to build a more resistant border line to stop
all flow of drugs coming into the American boarder line.

     After the drugs make it into America they go to California and Arizona.
Then there are allot of people that will buy the illegal substance. After it
start in California the drug goes to the whole country. The reason there is
not allot of drugs coming in from the east coast is because we have numerous
check in places where all items on the ship or boat are thoroughly checked to
make sure there are no illegal substances.

     But on the border line in Mexico there are some places where there are
no check in places...

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