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Drugs and Athletes:Why Athletes Should be Drug Tested RandomlyByLauren AlexanderProfessor WinstonEnglish Composition II10 November 2014From high school athletes, to college athletes, and then even to the professional athletes, drugs are being used. Some athletes are using dietary supplements; some are using recovery products; but then there are those who are using illegal drugs. There are many different types of illegal drugs that athletes are tested for, such as, performance-enhancing drugs, recreational drugs, and even abused prescription drugs. Of these three categories of illegal drugs, they each have several varieties of illegal drugs that fall within each category. Josh Seidman states that, "testing happens just once a year….after that test, the player is not tested again until the next year" (Seidman 1). So these athletes are only required to pass one drug test a year to be eligible to play. Athletes should be tested randomly throughout the year due to the effects that these illegal drugs have on the athlete's body; such as these illegal drugs have minor to severe health risks and some of these illegal drugs can give the athletes that use the drugs an unfair advantage over the athletes that do not use drugs.The types of drugs that athletes are using include performance-enhancing drugs, recreational drugs and abused or self-administered prescription drugs. The performance-enhancing drugs that athletes use range from steroids to human growth hormones. The most common performance-enhancing drug is anabolic steroids or simply known as steroids. CNN Library states that, "anabolic steroids are synthetic substances that stimulate proteins that help build non-fat muscle mass, helping an athlete become stronger and able to train and play for longer periods of time" (CNN Library 1). Another type of anabolic steroids that is considered a "designer" steroid is called Tetrahydrogesterinone, also known as "THG" (CNN Library 1). A third type of a performance-enhancing drug is called the human growth hormone which is primarily a prescription drug. "Athletes take it for improved endurance and strength although there is no definitive proof that it boosts athletic performance", states writers at CNN Library (CNN Library 1).When referring to the use of recreational drugs and athletes the most commonly used drugs do not have any performance increasing abilities. However, these drugs are still illegal so these athletes should be tested for them throughout the year as they are the performance-enhancing drugs. The names of the recreational drugs are weed or marijuana, cocaine, and Phencyclidine (better known as PCP). All of these drugs have some type of negative effect on the athlete; especially when using these drugs while undergoing athletic performances.Athletes are now using prescription drugs for purposes other than what they are prescribed, such as for extra energy, pain relief, and even for calming their nerves before a big game....

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