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Drugs And Their Consequence. Essay

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Nowadays drugs are one of the leading causes of death among humanism, especially teenagers. Drug is any substance otherthan food, intended for use in diagnosis in human or other animals. According to this definition, drugs can be used aslong as purposes mentioned in the above definition are fulfilled. Unfortunately, today drugs are abused. Some people often take these drugs as well as to 'relief' pain, anxiety, frustration, boredom, anger, giddiness, and so forth. Other people take drugs to experience the 'rush' or 'high' that will result as the drug hits their brain and nervous system. Although drugs were used as early as 4000 B.C, opium addiction first became a major social problem in the 19th century in China.Chinese emigrants to the United States, who were employed to build the transcontinental railroad, brought the pium-smokinghabit to the West Coast. Along with cocaine, morphine and other opiates were used freely in patent medicines and doctors' prescriptions, and many people became addicted without realizing it. The indiscriminate use of morphine in treating wounded soldiers also produced many addicts. Addiction, which began among urban ghetto minorities, spread in the 1960s and 70s to white middle class youth and to American veterans of the Vietnam War. Drugs are most often grown among other plants, fields, and in basements so that others cannot see them.Drug is what a man needs, to get going when he becomes drug dependent. Even though people know that drug is harmful to the body, they cannot give up, however much they are advised against their use. Drugs such as Heroine, Marijuana, Morphine, Opium, and Cocaine are famous killers. Once people become used to it, they are unable to control themselves. To them they are as necessary as food and sleep. People who take this, as pain reliever little know that they will become addicted to these drugs in future. When teenagers become addicted to these drugs, they are tempted to do anything, even against their conscience. People who sell drugs take advantage of such teenagers. Smugglers make a lot of money by 'trafficking' these drugs, which are declared illegal. It is illegal for athletes to use drugs just before they participate in sports. Any athlete who is seen using drugs just before they participate in sports will be disqualified, since they are artificially induced to do their best. In addition, People who need to remain alert over long periods, such as truck drivers and college students, use them. Most drug users are found among these people, since these stimulants increase stamina, prolong endurance, and improve concentration. Drug addicts think drugs are pleasant at the beginning, but they do not know the side effects are dangerous. Thus, when addicts become accustomed to it they take the risk of playing with their own life.Drugs are directly eaten, inhaled, injected under the skin, or injected into a vein to get the maximum 'rush'. Theunavailability of legal drug sources causes addicts...

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