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The media in the United States of America portrays drugs in many different ways. In movies such as Scareface and Blow, drugs are shown as evil. Although a majority of media portrays drugs as evil, some of the most influential media on the kids encourages them to use and sell drugs. The children of the Untied States of America are growing up listening to musicians talking about getting high and selling drugs.Scareface is a good example of the way movies portray drugs. In Scareface, a young Cuban immigrant named Tony Montana sets up a huge cocaine empire. He goes from working as a dish washer to owning a huge mansion. This movie shows drugs as the root to evil. In the movie Tony kills his former boss, and marries his wife. Tony also ends up killing his best friend. Through out the movie you can see how cocaine changes Tony. Towards the end, he is a totally different person. After seeing the change that cocaine caused, it makes you never want to try it.In the movie Blow, they show the evil that drugs bring. George Jung, the main character, gets busted for the first time with over 600 pounds of marijuana. He spends some time in jail where he meets a man affiliated with Pablo Escobar. Once out of jail, George begins his cocaine empire. He marries one of Escobar's nieces and becomes part of the family. His wife has a baby girl, but George gets busted again. When he finally gets out of jail, he goes to a bank in Panama and finds out the government took his money. Now George is broke with no job and a family to feed. George decides to risk the rest of his life on one last score. He attempts to smuggle a big shipment of cocaine, but gets busted once again. This movie shows how drugs can be the downfall to anyone.Requiem of a Dream is another movie that deals with drug dealing and addition. In this movie, the main characters mom is addicted to stimulant pills such as Ritalin. The son sells heroin, and is highly addicted to it. Through out the movie, the mother's condition keeps getting worse. At first the pills make her slightly delusional, but towards the end of the movie she is totally insane. The son becomes extremely addicted to heroin, and almost dies during withdrawal while in jail. In fact he has to have his arm amputated due to the damage done by shooting up. This movie shows how prescription medication can be abused, and that it can be just as harmful as illegal drugs. It also shows the hardships of addiction.These movies show the good and bad side to drugs. They show that you can make tons of money in no time by selling drugs. In these movies you see the characters start with nothing and build multimillion dollar empires. The movies also show these characters being murdered, or put in jail due to their business. Movies do a good job of showing both the good and bad aspects of drugs. Some movies like Requiem of a Dream and Scareface make you never want to try drugs.Not only do the...

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