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Medici NotesVocab:Simony: practice of buying and selling church positions and titles (priest, bishop, etc…). It was common this era.Nepotism: giving promotions, basic employment, higher earnings, and other benefits to employees who are relatives of management. Pope Leo made Giulio archbishop by nepotism.Exile:be away from one's home (i.e. city, state or country) while either being explicitly refused permission to return and/or being threatened by prison or death upon return. Giulio and Giuliano were exiled from Florence.Fresco: a painting technique in which pigments are applied to a surface of wet plaster. Michelangelo used it to paint ceiling of chapel.Notes:Giulio de'Medici: Giuliano's son. Cousin (close as brother) to Giovanni de'Medici-wanted to take over papacy together. Made cardinal->archbishop by Leo, ex. of nepotism. Along w/Leo, tortured and exiled Machiavelli, whom wrote "The Prince" and dedicated it to the Medicis- did not accept as apology.Giulio Became Pope Clement 7 after Leo died, right before the Lutheran's Riot in Rome. Clement became scared, so fled out of secret tunnel in Vatican to the Castle San Angelo. 7 months later,he bribed his way out, and, dressed as a commoner, left castle in return to Florence. But, Florentines were tired of war, so they made Clement a deal. If he brought an army, they would give Catherine (Clement's 11 yr. old niece) to the opposing Lutheran army.Giovanni de'Medici: Lorenzo's son. Along w/Giulio, exiled from Florence, until they got a protective army from Pope Julius, and returned to Florece in 1512: invaded Tuscany to get to Florence (where Niccolo Machiaveli had armoured citizens prepared), called the Massacre of Prado- Medici won, Florence surrendered.Pope Julius died, Giovanni elected pope Leo X. 1st Florentine pope. Represented Golden Age AND richness by painting a little boy gold (he later died from the ink). Leo was a party boy. 1516: a group of cardinals attempted to assasinate Leo, but he knew, so he set out someone dressed as him, who was killed instead. He punished those guys. Leo was in much debt->created indulgences. Died right before the Lutheran's riot in Rome.Michelangelo Buonarroti: in 1501, carved 13-ft piece of marble- took 3 yr- into "David", which rep'd resistance to Medici (Michelangelo was raised by medici family, but diddnt support their ruling). Commanded by Julius to paint sistine chapel ceiling by fresco- but very nude for church conservatives. Ordered by Leo and Giulio to make tombs for...

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