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Medicinal Marijuana In Texas Essay

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Legalization of marijuana in the United States has received much attention and controversy in recent months. The federal government outlaws the use of marijuana for medicinal purposes despite proven research studies that have discovered the plant’s potential to treat the lives of many Americans affected by disease and chronic pain. Medicinal use of the marijuana plant dates back to 2700 B.C. in China. Emperor Shen Nung discovered its’ healing properties and recommended marijuana for a variety of ailments (Mack and Joy 14). Today bias views and law plague the advancement of marijuana in present day medicine. Strict approval processes are limiting the research necessary for such advancements (Medical Marijuana Research News). Despite federal and state illegalization, twenty-one states over the past decade have made advances to legalize marijuana for medicinal purposes (“State Medical Marijuana Laws”) . It is time for Texas to acknowledge the benefits and eliminate the stigma surrounding medicinal marijuana. Medical marijuana should be legalized in Texas because of its’ medicinal benefits associated with many chronic diseases and the potential revenue the state could benefit from during this time of recession.
Marijuana in America became a popular ingredient in many medicinal products and was openly sold in pharmacies in the late nineteenth century (“Busted-America’s War on Marijuana Timeline”). The National Institute of Drug Abuse defines marijuana as, “The dried leaves, flowers, stems, and seeds from the hemp plant Cannabis sativa, which contains the psychoactive (mind-altering) chemical delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), as well as other related compounds” (“DrugFacts: Marijuana”). It was not until the Food and Drug act of 1906 that marijuana was required to be labeled as an over the counter herbal remedy (“Regulatory Information”). After the end of the Mexican Revolution in 1910, many Mexican immigrants flooded the borders of the United States and introduced the recreational use of marijuana to Americans (“Busted-America’s War on Marijuana Timeline”). Prejudice of the spanish-speaking newcomers created a negative stigma for the marijuana they introduced to the culture. In the 1930’s unemployment from the Great Depression created fear and resentment of the Mexican immigrants and the escalating marijuana problem. Research linked marijuana use to violent behavior and crime. With the personal attitudes towards marijuana and Mexican immigrants the validity of the research is questioned today. In an interview with drug policy expert, Dr. Musto of Yale University, an interviewer asks, “Was the research of marijuana in the 1930’s based on real evidence” (PBS)? Dr Musto stated, “It's hard to say. It is what researchers saw when they looked at marijuana. And I know one researcher, who lived in the 1930s, and has lived until today, and he, himself, [says] what a strange thing it was. Because he now sees marijuana so differently, something that leads...

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