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Medicine Essay

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The medical field, even as a child has always intrigued me, I remember roaming the halls of my grandfathers’ small clinic in my native country of Venezuela. It was always hard to describe exactly what, but there was something about it that I always loved. As I child I couldn’t wait to visit the clinic and ask my grandfather about his patients and to converse with the nurses so that I could learn about all kinds of different diseases. That curiosity stuck with me all the way throughout high school and greatly influenced which major I decided to take on as I was applying for college. As an undergraduate student at the Florida State University, I majored in Biomedical Engineering. Initially, I was drawn to this field because of its strong focus in the medical sciences and because of its rigorous course load. I quickly realized that this was the right decision for me as I immediately started to fall in love with all of the classes I was taking. I began to appreciate the daily challenges I faced with my engineering curriculum and thoroughly enjoyed the critical thinking aspects that each class had to offer. In particular I began to genuinely enjoy my Sophomore Organic Chemistry course.

Therefore, I decided to take a bold step and ask my organic chemistry professor for a research opportunity in his lab. His lab was currently working on developing different types DNA cleaving molecules that would attack a cancer cells’ DNA directly, rendering the cells useless and face apoptosis. The process involved pairing different amino acid conjugates to a DNA cleaver that was named “TFP” (Tetrafluoro pyridine) this cleaver would then undergo a photo-dynamically induced radical reaction that effectively cleaves the double stranded DNA of a cancer cell. Under the guidance of my professor and his graduate students, I successfully performed several syntheses of different peptides by combining several different amino acids in order to create new DNA cleaver molecules that would yield higher DNA cleaving results. I am currently in the process of starting my own project in this research area and try to come up with a new and original design for the DNA cleaver molecule with hopes that it will yield even higher percentages of both DNA cleaving and cancer cell selectivity. Armed with this experience I began to tackle my higher-level junior engineering classes with a confident attitude, which landed me a spot on the top 25 percent of my class.

At the same time, I began volunteering at the Tallahassee Memorial Hospital in order to get a better feel for the medical aspect of my career. I volunteered for several different areas in the hospital before I was finally able to find my niche. At first I was placed under the Endoscopy Unit of the hospital. While I did enjoy my time there, I knew that this wasn’t something that I could see myself doing in the future. The next semester I was placed in...

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