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Medicine's Adverse Effects On Society Essay

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In modern society one thing that we have become amazingly dependant on is medicine. Its benifits of curing us and our loved ones from disease are truly grand. Not only does medicine seem to improve our quality of life but it also is shown to prolong life as well. However, medicine is working against the quality of life in many ways as well. Medicine may very well pose greater problems on society and the human race than the immediate problems medicine intends to fix. One major problem posed by medicine is deevolution. Based on Darwin's theory of evolution, we can clearly can see that medicine is blocking the natural system in which individuals with flawed genes are removed from the gene pool. However cruel the idea of allowing indivuduals to perish because they are not perfect, the consiquences of nourishing their reproduction could prove to be drastic. Medicine also poses the problem of naturally making us dependant on it. We become dependant on medicine to keep our natural systems functioning properly, primarily because medicine replaces our natural system's functions with its own. This can cause our systems to become depressed and not function properly, as well as it placing us in the position of having to regularly take the medicine to keep us normal. One last major problem that medicine poses is with overpopulation. Although the ability to sustain ones life into the future and to theoreticly improve the quality of that life with the use of medicine is a great thing, the consequence of overpopulation is now more than ever questioning those benifits. Truly, we cannot be sure as to whether the absence of medicine poses a greater threat than its continued use. However, it seems as though the consequences of medicine are truly greater than its benifits.The greatest problem that medicine is posing on society is that of deevolution. Medicine is theoreticly working against the positive natural evolution that was explained in Darwin's theory of evolution. Darwin stated that if a group is inhibited by a certain flaw (mutation) or are more prone to a certain disease, than the group is likely to die out or become nonexistant and overun by other groups. This happens either by the hindered group not being able to survive with the flaw or the group being considered unfavorable by potential mates. Medicine serves to correct both of these instances. Medicine does this by depressing, or eradicating the disease, and also can serve to fix the problem on an aesthetic level. However, fixing a disease usually cures it only temporarily. Although it can fix the flaw permanantly for the individual, this does not necessarily prevent it from showing up in future generations, but instead could possibly ensure it. Medicine is clearly causing a deevolution of the human race. The Darwin theory of evolution relies on the fact that mutations occur spontaniously in nature. When we seek a mate its considered human nature to desire one with the least amount of flaws. Medicine...

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