Medieval Fashion Essay

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The Fashion of the Middle Ages
Mia Bonfiglio

Have you ever asked yourself, “How did people from the middle ages dress?” Well, I’m going to tell you. Peasants were poor so their clothing was torn and was not decorative. Knights wore clothes a bit nicer but not as ornate as nobility. Kings, queens, and nobility dressed in exquisite clothing that was decorated and layered. Fashion is significant to the Middle Ages because it identified the social classes.

Peasants were poor so their clothing was torn and was not decorative. The peasant men dressed in split hose made of wool. Split hose is two separate pant legs that can be rolled up or down when needed. The shirt worn is a linen shirt under a woolen jacket usually lined with linen. When working in the fields, peasants may wear hats to protect their heads from the sun. Straw hats and felt hats are worn along with leather working boots (Langley 8-11). Women wove fabrics that were used to make clothes. A typical outfit that a peasant woman would wear would consist on a long dress and wool stockings (Peasants Western Reserve Public Media). A head wrap-up covered their heads and hair (Langley 23). Thick leather clogs, wool hats, mittens, and sheepskin or wool cloaks were worn by men and women. The most frequent colors worn by peasants are red, brown, and gray. Children dressed alike to their parents. Overall peasants didn’t wear very flamboyant clothing (Peasants Western Reserve Public Media).

Knights wore clothes a bit nicer but not as ornate as nobility, but the clothes also had to protect them. In early knighthood, a chest plate and helmet was worn. Then, knights began to wear full heavy metal armor to protect themselves from enemies. The helmet had small eye slits in the metal helmet to see and a small hole to get sufficient air (“Knights”). Under they armor they wore padding to ease the...

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