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It seems as though society functions at one speed, over drive. So many things to do, people to see, places to go, and never enough time to accomplish it all. People need all the help they can get just to make it through life’s daily demands. I am no different. Many times I felt pulled in so many different directions and wished there were three of me. I needed help just to keep my sanity. This need for assistance is the whole reason my relationship with my cell phone metamorphosed into something much more meaningful to me. To avoid the metaphoric padded cell, I turned to my cell’s keypad.
My association with my cell phone started out very superficial. Our interactions were infrequent. In fact, they could have been defined as emotionally cold. However, our relationship has evolved since then into one of dependency. I must confess that I’m the dependent party in this union. I had no intentions of developing such a reliance on my phone. It just seemed to happen.
It all innocently began with a couple of forgotten birthdays, lost addresses, and missed phone calls. Then, it horrifically progressed to a few missed appointments. I don’t know if these forgotten details were a result of my aging memory or some other reason. Obviously, it had become more difficult for me to keep these details of my life. I realized I needed help. I needed a personal assistant that could do some of the thinking for me. It was after this revelation that my relationship with my current cell phone matured.

When I had purchased my cell, some time ago, it came equipped with numerous applications and tools. I was slightly perturbed that I couldn’t find a basic phone. I didn’t want a camera, MP3 player, or any of the other bells-and-whistles that seemed to be forced on consumers. After, my purchase, I chose to ignore these extras. However, with my new found need for some aid in managing my life, I decided I’d explore all these undesired nuisances. I must have pushed buttons for hours and investigated every menu I could find on this amazing piece of modern technology. I discovered an electronic calendar, alarm clock, a note pad, and a type of dictaphone. Hope was in the air. This initial “interview” with my cell phone went wonderfully. I decided to advance this potential assistant onto some on-the-job training. I inputted several appointments, reminders, and notes I had scheduled for the week ahead. The week came and went; I was astonished at the outstanding performance and efficiency of my cell phone. My search for a personal assistant was over, and my phone effortlessly eased into the role.
My new assistant didn’t require a salary, take coffee breaks, give me attitude, show up late for work, or bring emotional baggage into our arrangement. It is quiet when I wish, works as many hours as needed, and doesn’t...

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