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For the first class assignment I interviewed Mr. Kim, the owner of Montgomery Co. Computers and Technologies "“ computer equipment Value Added Reseller and technical support provider, located in Gaithersburg, Maryland. Mr. Kim owns the business jointly with his wife. However, their responsibilities do not overlap and they do not get in each other's way. Mr. Kim manages the technical, customer service aspects of the business. He deals with customers and vendors. He also hires new employees. Mrs. Kim takes care of the accounting. She keeps track of inventory, pays bills, sends out invoices, and processes collections on overdue bills. She also runs the payroll for all employees. Mr. Kim manages the technical and sales employees, while Mrs. Kim is responsible for the accounting associate.Ever since they were young, Mr. and Mrs. Kim wanted to start their own business. They did not like having a boss to take orders from. They also wanted to work together to spend more time with each other. Additionally, they needed more money for their young family than they could earn working for someone else.In 1987 Mr. Kim observed the growth of the personal computer industry and decided to make a few dollars buying computers in bulk and reselling them to individuals and small businesses. At that time there were not too many computer stores, so with little competition their business rapidly grew and soon they needed to hire 2 fulltime assistants to keep up with the increasing workload.While the income was satisfactory, the work was boring and mainly involved sales, shipping, receiving, and accounting. Therefore, Mr. Kim decided to take a few computer courses at the University of Maryland to understand what he was selling and to learn to do it better. Upon completion of the courses, Mr. Kim realized that he needed to expand his business into the more lucrative market of service and support. However, he did not have enough knowledge to do it himself.In 1992 Mr. Kim hired his first 3 technical consultants. Now in addition to selling personal computers and peripherals, he could also sell support contracts and maintenance agreements. At the same time he started a small computer assembly line. He purchased inexpensive parts in Taiwan. From these parts his technical team assembled personal computers at significantly lower cost than the market price of computers made by other manufacturers.While Mr. Kim's business was blooming, he could not grow as fast as he wanted. Bulk part orders from Taiwan, as well as office space and wages required a large upfront capital that he lacked. Since his business was...

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Interview Essay

2163 words - 9 pages interviews had different backgrounds that benefited their mediation skills. Each person in the interviews brings a unique quality of skills sets. One common theme for each interview was the all had a passion to advocate for others. As Zumeta explained, she started advocating from a middle point of view in conflicts. Hartgering enjoyed being able to advocate for clients to be able to see both sides of the conflict, Stulberg loved the role of the third

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1914 words - 8 pages . The more self-awareness you cultivate, the greater the ease and skill you will bring to the interview process. The word interview is derived from the French entrevue/entrevoir, meaning, "to see one another". The tremendous opportunity available to find out about yourself through discovering other people, their ideas, and your responses to them can come from interviewing. Successful interviewing requires a basic foundation, advanced research

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2138 words - 9 pages IntroductionWe appreciate that selection, appraisal and disciplinary interview can be a daunting experience when there is a certain natural anxiety over the "unknown". We believe that the best way to combat this fear and to make you feel comfortable and confident is to provide you with information on selection, appraisal and disciplinary interview information.This handbook has been devised to give you an understanding of the HR procedures, what

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2380 words - 10 pages Selection Interview "Selection is increasingly important as more attention is paid to the costs of poor selection, and as reduced job mobility means that selection errors are likely to stay with the organization for longer." (Torrington and Hall, 1998, p221) The selection decision has always been important as the way for a company to obtain the human resource that is appropriate for the job and company. There are many methods for selection

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2558 words - 10 pages Target - District Team LeaderI honestly thought about who I should interview. I thought about doing it with someone who was not in a field that I wish to pursue for my future career. I even thought about well maybe this would be a good way to try something new, since I am a person who tends to go with something safe. I feel like I am not that adventurous, but then I started to do my research and found out some things.I came to find that I wanted


582 words - 2 pages On your own, think of six questions to ask at the interview. Two questions should be biographical, two hypothetical, one behavioural and one situational.Interview question:1.Tell me about yourself.2.How long would you stay in this job?3.If a drunken man is disturbing other customers, what would you do?4.What would you do if there were quarrel between your staffs?5.Tell me about the time you are in a team.6.Tell me about the time when your staffs

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1415 words - 6 pages - Self-efficacy of clientPrinciples and PhilosophyThere are four key principles of motivational interview. To wit: express empathy, develop discrepancy, roll with resistance, and support self efficacy. To show empathy, the counselor has to listen, hear and understand the client's words and feedback the information back to the client in order to build rapport and mirror the client's experiences. Developing discrepancy expands the clients

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Interview Essay

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5608 words - 22 pages . TOPIC PAGE 1. INTRODUCTION 1 2. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY 2 3. INTERVIEW PROBLEM FACE BY FAMA COMPANY 3-9 4. CONSLUSSION 10 5. REFERENCE 11 6. APPENDIX 12 7. PICTURE 8. TRANSCRIPT OF INTERVIEW. INTRODUCTION In this case study, our group has choose Federal Agricultural Marketing Board or known as FAMA (Federal Agricultural Marketing Authority) as our references company for the interviewing candidates topic

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625 words - 3 pages Adoption process interview report When I heard the clicks of heels in the hallway, I sat up attentively on the waiting couch. A pleasant looking woman came to greet me. She was in her mid fifties and introduced herself as Celeste Drury. She worked with the children home society, an adoption agency that is located in Oakland. I found Celeste through a family friend. The family friend knew my interest in learning about adoption and the criteria

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826 words - 4 pages I interviewed my mother, Jenny Williams on her opinion of her work and views of work. I held the interview in our living room. Jenny is 53 years old, has one daughter, me, resides in Larksville, Pa, and works two jobs. As her daughter I feel that she does not need to work the two however it keeps her busy. I asked seventeen questions and am not sure how long the interview took although we did have one interruption that took fifteen minutes